How to protect your cars from theft?

In this post, we will discuss How to protect your cars from theft? Do you want to protect your car from being stolen? You are undoubtedly aware of your vehicle’s steering wheel locks, GPS trackers, and various other anti-theft devices.

However, to be fully prepared for anything, you may consider additional protections that are more “outside the box” and can help make your car less of a target for thieves.

Knowing the common types of theft and identifying the signs that a thief is preparing to steal your vehicle can decrease the risk of finding your car taken.

How to protect your cars from theft?

How to protect your cars from theft?

1: Use a baby monitor in your car

This is an unexpected anti-theft device in your vehicle because it allows you to listen to everything happening inside your car. You will hear if someone opens the car door or tries to start the motor. 

2: Wrap your car keys in aluminum foil

Protect your keys from “relay” attacks by wrapping them in something metallic to block the signals. There are devices that thieves can use to intercept the signal of your car keys without you noticing.

Once the signal from your keys is hijacked, the thief can gain access to your car and steal it. So, don’t hang your keys close to your front door; instead, place them in foil, in a faraday wallet, in your microwave oven, or even in your fridge. 

3: Mark your window or mirror with your VIN

This inexpensive Service can significantly decrease your risk of car theft. A criminal would have to spend money and time to change the etched glass, reducing his profit. You can have the VIN etched on your driver’s side rear view window, a side window, or both. 

4: Hide an old powered-on tablet or phone in your car

When you must leave your vehicle where you are unsure about safety, place an old phone or Tablet that is synced with your Google Account where it can’t be seen in your car. This will allow you to track your car using the “Find my phone” function, given that your phone or tablet is connected to WiFi. 

5: Keep tires turned to the curb when parking

When your car wheels are turned towards the curb, it makes it more difficult for thieves to maneuver your vehicle to steal it. This is a How to protect your cars from theft?

7: use more than one method

You could also install a GPS tracker in a strange place on your vehicle and use a steering-wheel lock. This can distract thieves from their main task as they won’t be searching for additional protection devices after overcoming their first obstacle.

8: Keep your vehicle clean and well cared for

A potential car thief will assume that your vehicle has an effective alarm system and GPS to locate it if it is stolen. A theft deterrent is keeping your vehicle in top condition.

9: Install a quick-release hub for your steering wheel

When you park your car, take your steering wheel. The steering wheel is essential for criminals.

10: Roll up windows and lock doors when leaving your car for anything

Roll up your windows and lock the doors if you get into a minor fender bender. Thieves will often steal your car when you’re in a rush.

11: Pull a spark plug

A spark plug is an effective and cheap way to stop a thief. Without a spark in the cylinder, your car will not start. This is a great way to use in a city where criminals can’t open the hood to find out the problem. This method won’t work without additional tools if your vehicle has a coil plug.

What is keyless car theft?   

To exploit keyless technology, car thieves use devices that amplify the signal between your fob and your vehicle over a greater distance. Two devices are used.

The first is located outside your home and picks up the signal from your Key inside. The movement is then passed to the second device located next to your car. This trick tricks the car into believing that the real Key is nearby, so the Engine opens and starts.

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this method is only applicable to fobs that have no keys. This theft is not possible if your fob unlocks or locks the car without a Key, but you still use a Key to open it.

How can I protect myself from keyless car theft?

How can i protect myself from keyless car theft?

You can keep your car keys away from windows and doors by keeping them in a Faraday pouch or metal container. This will prevent outside signals from being detected.

Tom Fletcher is the PR Manager at Thatcham Research. He advises that you only purchase Faraday pouches that can store keys, not credit or debit cards. If the bag does not protect your keys, you can check it by putting your keys in your pouch and walking up to your car.

You can also contact the dealer you purchased your car as it might be possible to turn the Key’s signal off at Night.

You don’t have to worry about keyless theft as it isn’t the only way your car could be stolen. There are steps you can take to help protect your vehicle and give you some peace of mind.

FAQ about How to protect your cars from theft?


What is anti-theft on a car??

Active anti-theft system. Passive anti-theft systems are activated automatically when the driver turns off their car and closes all doors. This would happen if the car didn’t start unless your Key is inside. Many push-to-start vehicles have specially coded keys. 

How does a car security system work?

The shock sensors detect when there is an impact. The shock sensor warns the computer if someone breaks one of your windows. The car alarm is then activated.

What do car thieves look for?

Lauren Fix, a race car driver and expert in automotive says that “valuables” includes obvious items such as laptops, purses, and GPS units. But thieves will also take money from the Center console and close bags that look like they might be worth something.

What do thieves usually steal from cars?

Laptop, Tablet, iPad. Car Registration. While electronics such as those mentioned above are easy targets for thieves and burglars. Theft of vehicle registrations, car documentation, and even car manuals is often reported as part items stolen from vehicles. 

What metal blocks the car Key signal?

Here are two ways to protect your keys while you’re out and about. Wrapping your Key fob in aluminum foil will protect it from metal. Aluminum foil is the best solution, but it can let go of the signal.