Top 5 Best Air Dryers for Car – Which One is for you

This article will discuss the best air dryers for cars. Which one is right the best for you? Drying a car after washing it does not mean removing an old towel from the cupboard.

Plenty of excellent products available will make drying your car much more efficient and help you save time in the process, such as microfiber towels and air dryers.

There are several drying options that you should have in your detailer’s kit, and we’ve rounded the top car dryers in the hope of making cleaning your car an easier task.

Product NameProduct ImagePriceBuying URL

EGO Power+ 650 CFM

Egopower+ 650 cfm109$

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WORX WG520 TURBINE 600Worx wg520 turbine 600$49.29

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SHELANDY Motorcycle & Car DryerShelandy - powerful motorcycle and car dryer with 14-foot flexible wheels and hose - automates dusting and auto-detailing$215.98

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Adam’s Air CannonAdam's air cannon

$ 314.49


MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster RevolutionMetrovac air force master blaster revolution


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Top 5 Best Air Dryers for Cars

let’s Explore each of them :

EGOPower+ 650 CFM

This beast is cordless and blows like a hurricane. This car dryer is powerful and features a brushless engine. It turns into a turbine-like jet-engine-style turbine powered by a 56V/5Ah ARC Lithium-Ion battery.

It can generate an amazing air speed of 180 mph by pushing the “Turbo” button. This produces a massive air volume of 650 CFM.

You can use it in normal mode or tune it down using the variable speed dial.

The battery will last about 15 minutes in “Turbo” and 30 minutes in normal mode. It is important to remember that drying large cars thoroughly takes approximately 5 minutes.

Each battery pack has a handy indicator that indicates the battery’s charge.

Accessories such as gutter cleaning attachments or spare batteries are available to make this car dryer multi-functional. EGO batteries power all 50+ EGO tools.

It’s built to last and comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Cordless
  • Battery life is good
  • Impressive power
  • Very durable
  • Multi-functional
  • Included: Charger and battery
  • 5-year warranty


  • A corded blower is twice as heavy but still lightweight.
  • Long nozzles make it less manoeuvrable.


This corded powerhouse is the Best Air Dryer for Car. This deal is difficult to beat, with a maximum speed of 110 mph and a volume of 600 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute).

The jet engine technology of this aircraft is extremely powerful but surprisingly quiet when compared to other competitors. You can choose two speeds for your car dryer to best suit your needs. It is lightweight at 6.4 lbs and can be easily handled by one hand.


  • Great deal
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing power
  • Variable speed
  • Doubles as a leaf blower


  • Corded
  • Long nozzles make it less manoeuvrable

SHELANDY Motorcycle & Car Dryer

This dedicated 2800W is the Best Air Dryer for Cars. It is wheeled and comes with a 14-foot hose and many different nozzles. This is the place to go if you are looking for a deal. It performs amazingly, so don’t let the price fool you!

The car dryer can produce decent warm air volume without disturbing the neighbours. You can adjust the airflow and temperature. 1-year warranty included.


  • Incredible deal
  • Temperature and speed adjustable
  • Flexible hose handles effortlessly
  • Plenty of power
  • Reasonable noise level
  • Wheeled


It is not as powerful as its high-end rivals

Adam’s Air Cannon  

Adam’s, the US-based detailing expert, has the best air dryers for Cars in red firetrucks. It is an absolute joy to use. Noise-cut technology reduces noise levels to a minimum. 88dB.

Standard equipment includes a 15-ft. rubberized power cord and a self-retracting 30-ft. It self-retracts when the power is turned off. It’s a space-saver!

This car dryer can be used on any surface with rubber attachments. Adam’s Air Cannon can move over 320 CFM of clean, warm, dry air at a staggering 660 mph!

The device has adjustable speed control and a slow safety start function. Adam’s offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and guarantees 110% customer satisfaction.


  • Noise-cut technology
  • Heated air
  • Professional quality
  • Powerful
  • Hoses that self-retract
  • Wheeled
  • Company based in the USA


  • No Ferrari logo

MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster Revolution  

MetroVac’s slogan is “Deliberately Made Better In the USA”. The family-owned business is an American institution that was established in 1939. It still produces one of the best car dryer product lines.

Revolution’s 30ft. hose length and 12ft. power cord make it easy to move around your car without needing to drive it. All steel is used for this construction, and it is made to last.

Two powerful 4-HP motors deliver 540 mph, 400 CFM, warm and dry air output, and 4 HP. This is the car air dryer of choice for professional detailers.


  • Professional quality
  • Warm, filtered air is produced
  • Motors with 2 x 4 HP power
  • 30 ft. hose, 12 ft. power cord
  • Made in the USA


  • It makes loud, “hissing” sounds when blown into crevices due to its power.


Frequently asked questions about  the top 5 best air dryers for cars are : 

Are car dryers worth it?

It is not just helpful in preventing scratches, but since you’re not touching the paint, it also removes the dirt and water away from the labels, windows seals the body’s seams and rims mirrors, wheel nuts, and so on.

It speeds up drying and is more efficient.

Which is better, chamois or microfiber?

At the very end of the day, we recommend using the microfiber cloth for the most luxurious car surfaces or when you’re starting.

Our reason is that premium microfiber towels are long-lasting and soft on the surfaces of your vehicle, in contrast to cheap towels or chamois, which can cause scratches.

Do car air dryers work?

If you are concerned about your vehicle and its condition, the answer is yes! You’ve got an enormous amount of money in your car. Utilizing the air dryer ensures an untouchable dry job.

This is because you’ll avoid scratches, swirl marks, or abrasions that can be found on your vehicle’s expensive surfaces.

How can I dry my car without scratching it?

The Quick Answer. The best method of drying your car without scratching it is using a soft, soft, and clean microfiber cloth, a car dryer, or a leaf blower.

Please don’t use a water blade (squeegee), cotton towels, or leather chamois to dry your car, as they are susceptible to causing scratch marks.