Nissan Z Proto 2023: Review, Pricing, and Specs

Nissan z proto 2023: review, pricing, and specs

Its Nissan Z Proto 2023 rides the same platform as its predecessor of 2009; however, it is transformed by radical technological and style changes and, of course, the massive increase in performance.

The automaker has sturdier the Z shell, given the car 400 twin-turbocharged horses and redesigned its suspension and steering, and then wrapped it in a retro-modern style that is a standout from every angle.

It also comes with a new Z car and an updated infotainment system, and first-ever active-safety features (even in manual models). Old-fashioned fun is the theme. The Z is a refreshing upgrade. Z isn’t as fast as its more expensive competitors; however, it’s a blast to drive and is easy to get used to.

What’s New For the Nissan Z Proto 2023?

The Nissan Z Proto 2023 stands out for its contemporary exterior design, which is still recognizable thanks to the elements that have been taken over from earlier generations.

It also features an updated interior that appears more sophisticated and stylish. The modern technology included in the vehicle adds to its appeal and value.

  • Its Nissan Z Proto 2023 uses the same platform used in the Nissan 370Z; however, it is extensively modified with a strengthened body structure and drastically changed retro-style styling.
  • A brand new twin-turbo V6 engine similar to the engine found in Nissan GTR makes 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet torque, with increases of 20% and 30% over the older 370Z V6 engine.
  • A brand-new automatic transmission with nine speeds is complemented by a lighter and more smooth-shifting six-speed manual with an optional rev-matching feature.
  • The Z features an entirely new infotainment system available on an eight- or nine-inch display that comes with the standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • The Active Safety feature is now available on Z for the first time. Z to the Z for the first time, including automatic emergency brakes that incorporate pedestrian detection and blind-spot monitoring. warning of lane departure and rear cross-traffic warnings that are standard for all trims, as well as auto and manual

Nissan Z Proto 2023 Trims & Features


The all-new Nissan Z is available in two trims, with Performance and the Sport available. There is also a Proto Spec edition. Proto Spec edition is another model renowned for its 19-inch bronze wheels and leather seats that have yellow accents and yellow brake calipers. The yellow stitching of the upholstery gives the interior a sporty and edgy look.

Some of the best features that you will find inside the cabin are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to improve connectivity to your smartphone. It comes with a programable shift indicator for the cabin and a 12.3-inch digital display that can be easily set up.

Sport 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas 6-Speed Manual Rear-Wheel Drive $39,990
Performance 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas 6-Speed Manual

Rear-Wheel Drive

Proto 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas 6-Speed Manual Rear-Wheel Drive $52,990

Nissan Z Proto 2023 MODELS

Nissan z proto 2023 trims & features

With only one option available: Proto Spec (Performance model only) with yellow-colored brake calipers, bronze-colored 19-inch RAYS aluminum-alloy wheel with a special switch handle knob (MT only), and unique Proto Spec leather-appointed seats with yellow accents and special Proto Spec suede + cloth trim for doors that have yellow stitching exclusive Proto Spec interior stitching

How much will Nissan Z Proto 2023 cost?

The Z begins at $41,015, with the destination charge of $1,025. Its base Sport model has a 12.3-inch adjustable gauge cluster and an 8.0-inch touchscreen that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

It’s got the old-school style with manual seats and a wrap-around steering wheel. The Performance model costs $10,000, a mechanical differential with limited slip and lightweight alloy wheels of 19 inches with performance tires and wrapped sports brakes, and the active noise canceling. The Proto Spec with yellow accents and bronze 19-inch wheels cost $54,015. However, it’s restricted to 24 models within the U.S.

Style & Design Of Nissan Z Proto 2023

The Nissan Z Proto 2023 form is well-known, and it is very similar to the previous 370Z model. However, the design has been drastically changed and draws inspiration from Z-cars of the past.

The C-pillar badge is similar to the original 240Z. The taillights are a nod to 1989’s Z32, and some of the more boxy parts are reminiscent of the 300ZX from 1983 and 2002’s 350Z. Much like the avalanches album, all the classic hooks are remixed to make something unique and enjoyable.

The Z is retro-themed but modern and beautiful at every point. It’s sleeker than its predecessor, the BMW 2 Series, and has more character in comparison to the two GR86/BRZ twins.

It also has isn’t a bit of the GR-Supra’s curvy weirdness. While driving, we were frequently waved at or hailed at by the drivers of other older cars, that is an endorsement of its own.

The Z interior is more modest and less luxurious than Supra’s. However, it is still attractive and has the added benefit of a splash of color.

Final Thoughts

The gauge mounted on the dash moves around the driver’s peripheral. In contrast, the shift light on the cluster of gauges flashes this Nissan Z Proto 2023 presents as focused yet fun – a combination that shouldn’t be taken for granted when vehicles tend to be leaning towards the earlier.

It’s a good thing that Nissan offered a 400-hp rear-wheel-drive sports car isn’t something to take as a given, not when automakers are pushing for an electric future that’s set to alter how we experience the cars we drive.

This isn’t a Subaru BRZ or a Toyota Supra. It’s not a Ford Mustang, a Chevrolet Camaro, or a Chevrolet Camaro. It’s a new Z is a unique sort of car, which proves Nissan can deliver performance in the manner we’ve come to know and love. With a few other models scheduled to join in, maybe there’s a bit of optimism amongst the enthusiasts.

Nissan Z Proto 2023 Frequently Asked Questions


When is the Nissan Z Proto 2023 release date?

The 2023 Nissan Z is expected to be set for U.S. sales in 2022.

How much will the Nissan Z Proto 2023 cost?

More detailed information on 2023 Nissan Z pricing will be revealed closer to the vehicle’s launch in 2022.

What engine is in the Nissan Z Proto 2023?

Its 2023 Nissan Z includes a 3.0-liter V6 Twin Turbo engine with 350 horsepower and 400 horsepower. Pounds-feet of torque. The engine is included in the Z Performance and 2023 Nissan Z Sport and Z Performance trim.

When can you order a Nissan Z Proto 2023?

Contact your neighborhood Nissan Dealer for additional information regarding 2023’s Nissan Z reservations procedure.