2024 Nissan Z Review: Release date and Design Specs


  • The New Z version replaces the preceding 370Z
  • A turbocharged V6 is ideal for 400 horsepower
  • A long list of well-known and optionally available tech functions
  • Manual transmission continues to be available
  • Launches the seventh-technology Nissan Z

How an awful lot does the 2024 Nissan Z cost?

The new Nissan Z is priced from $73300 plus on-avenue costs for the same old coupe and $87000 for the confined-version Proto specification – which looks very similar to the original idea.

The Z Proto functions with particular bits, Ikazuchi Yellow paint with a black roof, matching yellow brake callipers, 19-inch bronze solid alloy wheels, and interior trim tweaks. A black roof and red indoors can also be optioned on the usual Nissan Z.

How does the 2024 Nissan Z power?

The Nissan Z is an entirely one-of-a-kind car to the 370Z in an instant line. Although for anything cause Nissan does not provide legitimate 0-100km/h instances, our tests had it continually handling around 4.7 seconds to 100km/h inside the manual – and we were now not being harsh on the clutch, which could propose a mid-four-2nd time is viable.

The quoted 475Nm of torque is misleading, as the Z feels love it has some distance more go on the pass than that parent would suggest. The nine-computerized transmission is as successful in getting the first-rate out of the engine as the manual, if not a touch more, given the extra three gears allow for the turbos to be at their height delivery more frequently (top torque at 5600rpm). Still, the rev-matching and clean-transferring six-speed guide takes a lot of work to look past.

Nissan says all through the difficult acceleration guide; drivers can now shift while not having to boost off the accelerator. That’s a respectable way to shave for a while. However, the closer you get to redline, the more cumbersome the system feels, so we’d only do it regularly if it became our automobile.

Exterior 2024 Nissan ZExterior 2024 nissan z

It can also have some old bones; however, you’d never tell by searching at the new Z. The old 370Z’s proportions are in no way regarded as dated. It just wanted a small nip tuck with modern accoutrements to experience like a product fit for the 2024.

Some have accused the Z’s boxy front grille, but it surely works with the design in men or women. In truth, we love the whole thing, approximately the heritage-inspired layout.

Those half-of-circle LED headlights hark back to the Japan market-handiest 240ZG, even as the LED taillamps are surely inspired by using the Z32 300ZX. It’s modern and vintage, and we genuinely love it.

Speaking of factors we adore, Nissan gives an acceptably colourful shade pallet for its cutting-edge sports activities vehicle. There are lots of subtle colours like Gun Metallic, Black Diamond Metallic, Everest White TriCoat, Brilliant Silver, and Boulder Grey.

However, we love that there are greater outlandish alternatives together with Rosewood Metallic, Passion Red TriCoast, Seiran Blue Metallic, and our personal favourite, Ikazuchi Yellow.

Interior 2024 Nissan ZInterior 2024 nissan z

If you’ve ever sat in the 370Z (or even a 350Z), you will notice numerous carryover elements within the new car. The climate and seat controls are taken instantly from the old automobile. Those door-mounted air vents? Yeah, the ones had been there because 350Z. Despite the obvious fee-cutting, Nissan placed the money it needed to move: the infotainment.

A new eight-inch touchscreen comes trendy, with a nine-inch unit available at the higher grade. This minimum trade makes a difference considering the 370Z had the equal primary radio or 2009-generation navigation head unit for its complete existence cycle.

A popular digital instrument cluster with an amazing Sport layout and the sprint-set-up physical gauges integrate modern-day and retro design issues to fit the exterior. Sure, the Supra feels extra top-class interior, but it also costs extra.

And whilst Toyota supplies, in most cases, black indoors, Nissan has amusing options like blue or black/red and black/yellow combinations. The Z is sensible, too, with the identical great hatchback placed behind the rear seats because of the outgoing 370Z.

Engines, performance, and drive

From the back of the wheel, the Nissan 370Z is as sturdy as it appears to endorse. The V6 gives you accurate acceleration, and the manual gearshift and heavy steering require firm inputs to get the favoured consequences.


The manual field functions with Syncro Rev technology which robotically suits engine rpm to the gear on downshifts. A first-rate automated gearbox is also to be had as a choice. Although loud, the V6 engine may want to sound more tuneful, and avenue and wind noise is intrusive.

The 2024 facelift brought with it an excessive-performance snatch and updated suspension, but you’d be difficult driven to be aware of either of these in a day-by-day use; the 370Z stays a harsh-riding car around town, while the notchy gearbox and heavy steerage suggest it requires a fair amount of effort to force.

While it may appear clean after all these years, and its buy fee is attractively low, the 370Z’s riding experience is notably old-school. Once the high strolling expenses are considered, extra contemporary, inexpensive-to-run rivals preserve more classic appeal.


Nissan offers the 370Z in 3 guises: the usual vehicle, the GT model and the 370Z NISMO. Fork out more money for the 370Z NISMO, and it would not experience like you’re riding a £10,000 well worth of extra sports activities coupe.

The guidance is weighty and gearchange crisp; however, a Porsche Cayman prices only a fragment greater and is miles extra involving and flattering sports activities automobile.

Quick Stats 2024 Nissan Z Performance
Engine: Twin-Turbocharged 3.0-Liter V6
Output: 400 Horsepower / 350 Pound-Feet
Transmission: Six-Speed Manual
0-60 MPH: 4.5 Seconds (est.)
Efficiency: 18 City / 24 Highway / 20 Combined


2024 Nissan Z Second Drive Review

The 2024 Nissan Z isn’t a few rip-snorting, blood-spitting, hardcore sports activities automobiles. That turned into by no means the aim the last 52 years, so why would it be now?

The new car leans into the Z’s historical strengths while peppering in modern conveniences. It’s amazingly stylish in a classic way, without being a slave to the beyond, just like the current crop of pony motors.

The Z is short, however, snug too, as at home on the road as it’s far attacking a racetrack—even a soggy one. This -seater is a consummate all-rounder and, similar to the unique 240Z, something of a performance good deal.

Is the Nissan Z a terrific car?

The Edmunds professionals examined the 2023 Z each on the road and at the tune, giving it a 7.3 out of 10. And then there is protection and reliability. Edmunds has all of the contemporary NHTSA and IIHS crash-test ratings, plus enterprise-main professional and patron opinions to help you apprehend what it is like to own and maintain a Nissan Z.

 Is the Nissan Z reliable?

To decide whether the Nissan Z is dependable, examine Edmunds’ real customer evaluations, which come from real owners and reveal what it’s like to live with the Z. Look for specific proceedings that hold doping up in the reviews, and make sure to examine the Z’s common customer rating to that of competing cars. 

 Is the 2024 Nissan Z a great vehicle?

There’s a lot to remember if you’re wondering whether the 2024 Nissan Z is a superb vehicle. Edmunds’ expert trying out team reviewed the 2024 Z and gave it a 7.3 out of 10. Safety rankings, gas economy, shipment ability, and feature availability should all determine whether the 2024Z is a great car for you.