How to Keep Your Car Cool When Car AC Is Not Working?

How to Keep Your Car Cool When Car AC Is Not Working? If it’s hot outside, your car’s interior becomes hotter, particularly when you don’t have air cooling. Yikes! But there are ways to keep cool by using ice cubes, wearing lighter clothing, or increasing the airflow in your vehicle.

You could even take different directions or lower temperatures during the day to fight the summer heat.

12 Ways How to Keep Your Car Cool When Car AC Is Not Working?

Keep your car cool when car ac is not working

1: Time your travels

It’s an easy solution to a fairly simple issue. Since no sun equals less heat, using your air conditioner in the early morning or later into the evening is much more comfortable.

If you have to go out at the end or late in the morning, you may want to consider Uber and Grab if you’re taking a drive early in the morning.

2: Avoid areas with traffic congestion

Driving in the early hours provides the comfort of cooler temps, but it will also allow you the freedom to travel on the roads without traffic with your windows shut.

Keep your car cool

You’re able to take the same route on EDSA at rush hour. However, we all know that tight roads, tons of vehicles, and hot temperatures are three factors that don’t mix well.

3: Dress to impress

Are you in the middle of a cooling problem? Get rid of those long-sleeved jeans and flannel tops. Or, better yet, put them neatly in the gym bag so you can switch them out when you’re at the office.

It’s not worth dressing as the magazine cover fashion model when you’re likely to be sweaty in the first place. Choose shorts and breathable tees, and then change your clothing.

4:  Make use of an electrical fan

They’re not the big models but smaller versions powered by your car’s USB ports, charging ports or even solar power.

You can also bring small handheld units powered by normal AAA or AA batteries. These aren’t expensive, and you’ll frequently find vendors selling them.

5: Purchase a cooling cushion

Purchase a cooling cushion

These cushions don’t need to be equipped with fans or packed with gel cooling. Mesh cushions or even those Tito seats that have wooden beads are suitable.

What you want is breathable and also something that can keep your sweaty back from rotting the seats.

6: Park in the Shade

There aren’t many experiences that are as painful as stepping into a car and sweating in the sun all day. Make your car’s interior less uncomfortable by parking it in the shade.

When your air conditioner isn’t running, and you’re in a shaded area, finding a location is vital, even if you must walk farther.

It’s an excellent idea to purchase an auto sunshade that blocks the sun’s harmful rays. You might also want to buy a parking spot in a garage during summertime.

7: Crack a Window

Another method to keep the car that is not in your car cool until the return trip: Keep your windows closed, but just a bit, to let air flow.

The little airflow can stop the heat from accumulating quickly, meaning you’ll be less sweaty as you travel again. You don’t need to roll them down very far but just enough to let air circulate and keep thieves from getting in.

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8: Buy a Cooling Seat Cover

It doesn’t matter how much air can make its way through the windows if your back is sweltering against a hot car seat. Make sure you have a cool head and back by covering your seat with one like the SNAIL cool car cushion that massages.

The cover is plugged into your vehicle’s 12-volt system with an intake fan on the bottom that circulates air through 24 outlets on the cushion to keep your body cool even when your car’s AC is running low.

9: Bring a Cold Drink

A cool beverage in your cup holder is an excellent way to reduce the heat and help you stay cool and comfortable during an extended drive. Choose the premium thermos to keep your drink cool for hours.

Fill the thermos with water, iced tea or lemonade, add some ice cubes, and you’ll be ready to go. Are you planning a road trip? Put a cooler filled with water bottles and ice in the trunk, so you’ll always have a chilled drink in your bag.

10: Grab a Cooling Towel

There is a reason amusement parks can sell tiny cooling towels at an exorbitant price. The good thing is that you can get these for less in your local home shop.

After you’ve purchased your own, ensure that it’s ready for those hot summer days regardless of whether you’re driving. To reap the benefits of a cool towel, use cool water, pour it over it, squeeze it dry and wrap it around your neck.

 11: Try a DIY Fix

A variety of things can go wrong with your car’s AC system. However, some of them are easy to fix. If, for instance, your system is not running enough refrigerant, You can purchase a refill kit from the local auto parts store.

Make sure you buy the correct kind of refrigerant suitable for your vehicle, and also note that you’ll require a recharge line if the kit you purchase doesn’t come with one.

The hose’s one end connects to the container of refrigerant; the other end is connected to an under-hood connector. If you’re afraid of auto repairs, contact the personnel at the auto parts shop for assistance.

Another cause of an AC failure is the stretched or torn belt on the compressor. The belts are fairly simple to repair if you follow the online instructions or YouTube tutorial.

Do some study and see if you can identify the issue. If the compressor pulley is still spinning freely, the solution might be more affordable and simple than you think.

12: Dashboard sun shade

The best way to protect yourself from heat is to be a good attacker! Cover your dashboard with a piece of cloth to ensure that your vehicle’s interior is cool and limit the quantity of heat released. A sunshade can reduce the sun’s rays that get into the car.