6 Top Automotive CRM & How They Can Change Your Car Dealership

How they can change your car dealership

If you’re a vehicle dealer seeking a solution or strategy to enhance your business, using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed for car dealerships is the right software for you. The Internet and automotive CRM software development allow auto dealers like you to run their business efficiently and increase sales.

In the beginning, automobile dealers employed various marketing methods, such as emotional phone calls and advertisements in newspapers, to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Auto CRMs have made it possible for buyers can now search for vehicles they may want to purchase through your website before going to your dealership.

What is Automotive CRM?

CRM is a term used to describe Customer Relationship Management. Its software helps manage and establish relationships and build communication between prospects and customers.

This CRM was specifically developed for dealers in the automotive industry.

There are many CRM solutions for all kinds of companies. However, this automobile CRM is explicitly designed to cater to car dealers.

Now, the question is: why do you need to select an auto CRM over a general one for your automobile dealership?

Let us discuss the features. The auto CRM was created explicitly for dealers of cars to assist in storing customer information and managing your relationship with prospects. It permits you to keep leads, customer records, and even opportunities.

Conversely, the general CRMs do not contain the features necessary to allow your dealership to function efficiently. They could also have additional options you can’t use for your business.

Benefits of Auto CRM Software to Car Dealerships

Incorporating software into your dealership could be your best choice as an owner. Here are a few ways that software can assist you with managing your business and enhancing your relationships with your customers.

  • Potential buyers can look through the models of vehicles on your site and pick the appropriate one before going to your showroom
  • Increases customer engagement through communications on the internet months before the purchase
  • Allows dealers to offer quick and pleasant service for the most personalized customer experience.
  • Reduces the chance of missing leads because dealers can look within the CRM and then follow up with the customer to follow up and complete the transaction
  • It lets your salespersons automate the process of distributing leads. It also facilitates the management of tasks scheduled and appointments with customers.
  • It makes it easier to plan testing requests from potential customers. It also sends an automated confirmation email and adds leads to your schedule for the day.
  • Aids in managing the auto-delivery process

Best Automotive CRM Software on the Market:


HubSpot CRM

People seeking a fast system that is flexible, flexible, and scalable can expect integration to HubSpot CRM to be an easy process. It is a unique platform popular with smaller companies since it’s free.

However, it also has an efficient, user-friendly interface for those looking to enter the digital world. There are a variety of tools that are customizable to meet the requirements of your shop repair or dealer.

HubSpot CRM comes with deal tracking, contact management, task and activity schedulers, advertising tools, sales service tools, and many more. Modern options and tools are provided when you upgrade to Sales Hub plans.

You’ll have complete team access, the ability to save up to one million contacts and suppliers, and access to the HubSpot community to get help and support. If you require additional features, it is possible to design an individual package of paid services that start at only $50 per month per hub.

The top features of HubSpot are:

  • Free choice? Yes
  • Prices starting at $50/month
  • Customizable bundles accommodate sales, marketing, CRM, and more.
  • Exclusive HubSpot assistance when you select the paid plan
  • Access to consultation, CMS, and other services provided by HubSpot, the pioneer in the field of digital marketing
  • Secure customer data tracking and analytics

Oracle NetSuite CRM

For smaller dealerships and BHPH companies, software such as NetSuite CRM from Oracle provides cloud-based solutions that can be adaptable and designed to meet the needs of various industries.

Dealerships and small auto shops with service centers love the platform due to its plug-and-play features and user-friendly interface—less training of employees, which means less downtime.

NetSuite connects repair and dealer shops with tools to manage customer data and partner relationship management, automated sales forces, and more. Analytics allow you to have a complete view from top to bottom of your business or to separate data in more specific reports.

There’s also an easy iOS application that allows iPhone users to expand their car CRM capabilities by carrying it wherever they travel. Interdepartmental integration is simple and expandable and can be coupled with other tools, such as Salesforce, to build an ever-changing technology stack.

The characteristics that distinguish NetSuite CRM apart are:

  • Free Option? No
  • Price: $999 base licensing fee Access to $99 per user
  • Friendly interface for users
  • Automated workflows and website integration capabilities
  • Prioritization and arrangement of leads
  • Excellent dashboards and tools for reporting and analytics

Salesforce CRM

If your repair shop is looking for backing from one of the most renowned CRM providers and other electronic solutions, Salesforce CRM is the right choice. It is an open platform that allows for scalability and cloud-based access.

With Salesforce software, you’ll be capable of increasing sales, handling customers by utilizing important customer data, and modifying Salesforce’s sales cloud and customer administration tools to meet your requirements.

Salesforce can also integrate with other tools in your software to build an integrated tech stack that can be used for complete dealership or repair shop administration.

Salesforce is focused on the customer and provides Pay-as-you-go options for easy and affordable prices. Starting out this CRM that is the best worldwide should be on your top list.

The most effective functions of Salesforce CRM are:

  • Free trial? Yes, but there is the possibility of a trial for free
  • Cost: Starting at just $25 per month.
  • Contact and opportunity managing tools, which make contact management simple
  • Integration of email
  • Seamless workflows, tools for sales forecasting
  • Complete contact management, with the ability to create dynamic reports and analytics

IDMS by Dealer Socket

IDMS, developed by Dealer Socket, is an all-inclusive Dealer Management System (DMS) that includes an advanced CRM platform. Dealer Socket was designed by experts in the auto industry for professionals in the auto industry and consisted of an exclusive set of tools and resources that support managing customer relationships.

There are different workflows and solutions for every element of the automotive process, including sales, repairs, service appointments, and more.

The CRM on the platform available here includes an appointment scheduler, customized reporting, tracking of the lifecycle of a vehicle, and a unique online inventory management system specially designed to be used by BHPH (buy here, pay here) and independent dealerships.

The size determines to price of the platform. It features pricing, currently at about $750 per month, for an all-inclusive platform integration, which includes live support 24/7 for form printing lease management, integration with service departments, and much more.

There’s plenty to be adored, here are the most important takeaways

  • No cost option? No
  • Cost: Beginning at $750 per month.
  • New department and the used vehicle departments are kept separate
  • Integration of websites
  • 24/7 live support for dealers
  • Buy-Here Pay-Here platform and tools are accessible
  • Robust dealership management on one platform


If you’re a lover of integrated dealer management solutions, ELEADshould is at the top of your list. The platform was specifically designed for those employed in the auto business and includes flexible dealership management systems, which include the division of inventory between used and new, integrated service scheduling, deal tracking, and much more.

The all-in-one CRM platform was designed to assist brands in tailoring strategies and interactions to meet customers’ preferences.

The dashboard is easy to manage and view information about customers and combines this platform with other tools within your technology stack to optimize the performance of your dealership.

LEAD boasts of its success in the only area in which dealership platforms are often struggling: service. The workflow for service allows scheduling appointments and keeping customers’ data in sync simpler than ever before. Additionally, it’s cloud-based and flexible and provides custom-designed communication tools.

The most important features to be aware of about ELEAD CRM are:

  • Option to choose free? No
  • Price: Subscription-based, custom pricing
  • Contact options for customers via instant messaging
  • Automatic lead assignment
  • Omni channel solutions for communication
  • Template library to help customers contact us form, forms, and much more
  • Driver’s license, as well as VIN scanner

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a platform designed to allow you to market and sell your product as it would be for a Fortune 500 company, even for the “little guy.” This platform provides quick, mobile-friendly, and simple-to-use tools if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that includes next-generation capabilities based on could.

Are you searching for an all-in-one CRM solution that manages sales marketing, service, and different aspects related to your customer relations and management? Agile CRM comes with features such as managing contacts, deal tracking appointments, and other features.

Furthermore, it’s connected to a built-in marketing platform, service tools like assistance desks, a knowledge base, as well as the analysis of customer feedback.

If you are convinced that Agile CRM is right for you, take a look at these attributes:

  • Option to choose a free choice? Yes
  • Cost Plans that are paid for start at $8.99 per month.
  • The Deal Tracker is a tool that helps keep track of the progress of each customer’s deal
  • Dynamic follow-up by phone, email, or social media. Many more.
  • Automate all of your marketing, sales, and service to ensure uniformity
  • Cloud-based for easy scaling


The competition in the auto market is growing more challenging. Get an edge over your competitors by adding an automotive CRM program to your existing system.