Honda CB200X First Ride Complete Review

The XPulse 200 of Hero MotoCorp, the Himalayan of Royal Enfield, the 250 Adventure of KTM, and the G310GS of BMW Motorrad are tough competitors of the CB200X of Honda.

The Himalayan was the first in the market to be available at an affordable price. Now that Honda has launched CB200X, would it be the best on the road?

Honda CB200X Look

Honda cb200x review
It is based on the Honda Hornet 2. O and shares features like the same engine, suspension, chassis, gearbox, and brake setup. Hornet 2.0 was launched to serve Indian urban riding but CB200X was launched with a refreshed style and revised ergonomics.

The fairing at the front, the golden forks, and the raised handlebars give a stronger on-road presence to the CB200X than the XPulse 200. With LED lighting, y-shaped alloy wheels, and a digital instrument cluster, it definitely looks new!

It has the look of a touring bike with a tall windscreen which is good for wind protection. Knuckle guards with LED turn indicators resemble ADV.

Honda CB200X Ride Experience

The CB200X has been built with the same engine as Hornet, giving the same 17 hp at 8,500 rpm and 16 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm. The engine has its best performance level in the mid-range of the rpm.

It does not give much of a grunt in the down-low. Engine refinement is good and vibration-free until 6-7,000 rpm; there are no complaints unless you drive it at high speed.

CB200X is 5 kg heavier than the Hornet but even then it is only 147 kg which is still lightweight and hence it is agile.

It could easily reach speeds of 100 km/h to the engine. Beyond that, it starts to struggle.

The clutch operation is easy on the fingers and the handlebars are also light and closer to the rider. The curb weight of the bike is 147 kg. The ergonomics present an upright and commanding stance.

Though it is not an adventure bike, you would experience a feel of standing on it because of the raised handlebars, neutrally placed footpegs, and the design of the tank.

The 37mm forks and the mono-shock offer a classy look and remain firm enough to avoid dives when applying brakes. The CB200X has a well-cushioned, large comfortable seat.

You can allow some mild off-roading but do not take it on a dirt track because the forks are upside down.

The brakes of CB200X are the best suited for the model and it has a single-channel ABS. The ABS on the front wheel is enough for anything under 20 bph but a dual-channel ABS is really searched by many bike lovers in the market and hence Honda could have offered it as an extra option.

Can You Buy Honda CB200X

The CB200X is not for the off-road enthusiasts. It is for someone looking for comfort, good looks and weekend rides who would ride not more than 150-200 km. But Hornet 2.0 will do all these things and on the other hand, save you about Rs 13,000. But still, why would you buy the CB200X?

That is because you have some important reasons for buying it. The first thing is that you get a little more comfort from CB200X because of its riding position, wide seat and handlebars.

Additionally, the bike can prepare you for an ADV if you are not used to that segment and definitely looks great with a CB500X appeal.

Honda CB200X Specifications

Engine: 184.4cc single-cylinder
Power: 17 hp at 8,500 Rpm
Torque: 16 Nm at 6,000 Rpm
Five-speed transmission

LED lighting
Suspension: USD forks and mono-shock
Suspension travel: 130 mm

Brakes: Front – 276 mm disc, rear – 220 mm disc
Tires: Front -17” 110 section, rear – 17” 140

Ground clearance: 167 mm
Seat height: 810 mm
Kerb weight: 147 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 12 litres

Price: Rs 1,44,500 [ex-showroom]