2022 Honda SP 125 – Review, Price, Mileage, Features

The 2022 Honda SP 125 has been launched in the Indian motorcycle segment 125cc. This 2022 Honda SP 125 is the newest commuter motorcycle made by Honda and replaces one of Honda’s best-loved commuter bikes, the Honda CB Shine SP.

However, the 2022 Honda SP 125 is the latest model. The Honda SP 125 has been overhauled to make it appear elegant and classy. It’s also a breeze to ride, making your commute easy, and is very easy to store in your pocket.

Honda sp 125

First Drive of 2022 Honda SP 125

 The price of this 2022 Honda SP 125 begins from Rs 72,000 ex-showroom New Delhi for the drum brake version.

The disc brake version with the highest specification version you can see here is priced at 77,100, ex-showroom Delhi that’s a lot for the 125cc capacity commuter.

Of course, the 2022 Honda SP 125 indeed has the distinction of being the first bike in its class to receive BSVI updates at present, which can be costly; however, the price tag is higher than the average—particularly compared with its direct competitor that is BSIV compliant, the Bajaj Pulsar 125.

The 2022 Honda SP 125 has new features such as an instrument cluster with a digital interface and a headlight with a full LED, boasting better quality build and better-quality fit-finish levels.

How much the compliant BSVI Pulsar 125 will cost is yet to be determined. Price aside, however, the 2022 Honda SP 125 is a motorbike to look into within the 125cc category, according to our research, particularly since sales figures typically speak for themselves.

The Honda Shine 125 has been the most popular 125 for some time in the past.



The latest 2022 Honda SP 125 has numerous characteristics, a stylish design, and vibrant body graphics, making it a stunning motorcycle on the market. Indian market. If you are looking for a commuter-friendly bike, the SP 125 offers a sporty style.

This is evident from the sleek headlamp at the front and the muscular fuel tank with extensions, which add to the sporty look and the colorful body designs and colors it provides.

A Honda SP 125 has an all-in-one seat that gives the rider comfort. The bike’s seating position has also been designed to be upright, with forward-set foot-pegs and a high handlebar, making the ride more comfortable.

Its SP 125 SP 125 is available in a variety of vivid colors. It comprises Striking Green, Imperial Red Metallic, Pearl Siren Blue, and Matte Axis Grey Metallic.


 The 2022 Honda SP 125 is India’s first BS-VI-certified motorcycle. Indian market. A single-cylinder of 124cc air-cooled engine powers it. It puts out 10.7bhp at 7,500rpm and a peak of 10Nm at 9000rpm. The machine is also linked to an automatic five-speed gearbox.


 The 2022 Honda SP 125 offers a fuel tank with an 11-liter capacity. This Honda SP 125 has the brand’s HET technology and ESP (enhanced Smart Power). This brand-new technology on the SP 125 claims to offer the same mileage as the model before.

It is expected to offer 16% more mileage than the previous model. Honda SP 125 is expected to provide a range of between 65 and 70 km/l.

This means it can give a mileage of 770 km on one bottle of gas. HONDA SP 125 IMPORTANT FEATURES

 The Honda SP 125 comes with various innovative technology and features, some of which are firsts in the segment. The latest technology offered in SP 125 is the SP 125; includes using a friction reduction system on the engine, fuel injection, and silent start using the ACG starter motor.

Other features standard to the Honda SP 125 include an instrument console that is fully digital with additional information, such as distance-to-empty and average mileage, Eco indicator and gear position, and a service due indicator.

The ability to monitor fuel consumption in real-time. It also has the first-in-segment engine stop/start feature, an integrated headlamp beam and switching for passing, CBS with equalizer, five-way adjustable rear suspension, and alloy wheels that sport a stylish design and a chrome muffler cap and seal chain.

The 2022 Honda SP 125 is through the traditional forks with telescopic sprockets in the front and two shock absorbers at the rear.

The brakes in the Honda SP 125 are through 130mm drum brakes at each end. It also comes with a 240mm disc on the front of the higher-spec version.


The Honda SP 125 is an appealing 125cc motorcycle within the category. The commuter 125cc motorbike is packed with first-of-the-line features, appealing body graphics, and a vibrant style, making it a desirable choice within its class.

Full Specifications Of 2022 Honda SP 125

Engine TypeAir Cooled, 4 stroke, SI EngineEngine Displacement124 cc
Max Power10.8 PS @ 7500 rpmMax Torque10.9 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Emission Typebs6Bore50 mm
Stroke63.1 mmNo Of Cylinders1
Drive TypeChain DriveFuel TypePetrol

Is the 2022 Honda SP 125 better than the Honda CB Shine?

Do buyers need to choose between the 2022 Honda SP 125 or the similar cost-effective Honda CB Shine? The former starts at an equidistantly lower price of Rs. 72,787 (ex-showroom) compared to the earlier price of Rs. $78.381 (ex-showroom) to the latter.

It is the Honda CB Shine offers 65 Kmpl of mileage. This is similar to the Honda SP 125. But SP 125 is more powerful. SP 125 provides more power at 10.70 BHP than 10.50 BHP for the Honda CB Shine. 125cc engines power both.

The latter has 11.25 Nm at its peak compared to 10.90 Nm in the previous. It is worth noting that the Honda CB Shine has a slightly smaller fuel tank capacity, at 10.5 Liters, contrasted to 11 liters for the Honda SP 125.

The Honda CB Shine mostly offers similar performance and efficiency at an affordable cost. However, Honda SP 125 is Honda SP 125 is better equipped, has slightly more power, and is likely to be more appealing for the same price.

Which model of 2022 Honda SP 125 is best?

The 2022 Honda SP 125 comes in disc brake and drum versions. Both versions feature the same 125 cc engine that produces 10.70 BHP and 10.90 Nm of maximum torque while delivering the same 65 Kmpl (kilometers per liter) as a total efficiency of fuel.

Other features remain identical; however, the main difference is that the entry-level model comes with drum brakes on both the front and rear. The most expensive model has disc brakes on the front and drum brakes at the rear.

Since the cost difference is minimal between the two versions, it is recommended to go with the best disc brake version for superior stopping speed, safety, and handling.


Some frequently asked questions about the Honda SP 125 are :

How much does a 2022 Honda SP 125 cost?

The 2022 Honda SP 125 is priced between Rs. 78,381 and Rs. Honda SP 125 is priced between Rs. 78,381 and Rs. 82,677 (ex-showroom) in India.

Is the 2022 Honda SP 125 a good bike?

Yes, you can; the 2022 Honda SP 125 is sturdy. It has great features like the latest silent starter motor a completely digital console and various readings.

It has a sophisticated engine provides outstanding mileage and superior power and torque.
The bike is well-handled, and overall, the fit and finish are excellent, not to mention the quality of its finish.

It is ideal for daily commutes in cities with heavy traffic. This makes for a perfect proposition for prospective buyers.