Top 5 Best Cars Under $50K for 2024

Top 5 best cars under $50k for 2022

Are you looking for a brand-new sports car that’s cheap? Here’s the top list of the Best Cars Under $50K that you can purchase right now!

Cars certainly bring the most smiles for every mile, but many people are reluctant to have one due to the perceived cost.

In this article, we’ll review the Best Cars Under $50K  that give you the most bang for your money and the best satisfaction from your sporting desires.

The Best Cars Under $50K must offer performance, handling, and acceleration. It should also look attractive, far over the typical automobile on the roads.

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Top 5 Best Cars Under $50K

Let’s discuss each of them

Mazda MX-5 Miata – $26,580

Mazda mx-5 miata

We’ve heard of the Miata and know it’s the most loved sports car ever built; however, Mazda has taken it out of the park the second time.

The 2020 model from Mazda provides 181 horsepower in an extremely light package, meaning you’ll be able to accelerate faster.

After testing, the small roadster could speed to 60 mph in quick 5.7 seconds. In case you’re curious, this is a usable acceleration that you could enjoy on normal public roads …(I’m thinking of the Corvette. Corvette)

With a huge warranty on the powertrain, 36-38 millilitres per gallon, enough room for you, your spouse, and a few weekend items, Mazda brought a ton of value in 2020. You already knew this since they’ve been doing it for over 100 years!

Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 ($47,900)

Mercedes-amg cla 35

The Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 has set relatively high standards in this subcompact performance segment. On the underside of the CLA 35 is an engine mounted transversely with a 2.0-liter displacement.

But, this CLA 35 outputs 302 horsepower and 295 lb-ft torque when turbocharging is enabled.

With its fast-shifting DCT gearboxes and quick-shifting gearboxes, the CLA 35 achieves 0-60 in an astonishing 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph, certainly worthy of its place in this full list.

2022 Audi S4 ( $50,000 )

2022 audi s4

The S4 has the tiniest changes in 2022 and is the Best Cars Under $50K. Instead of brushed aluminium trim, the sporty sedan now comes standard with carbon-fibre-inspired interior details.

Although in 2022, the Audi S4 is not very impressive for a sports sedan, however, its subtle approach to performance will draw buyers looking for an understated performance vehicle.

The S4 is a more sporty variant of the Audi A4. The S4’s turbocharged engine features six cylinders, not four. This produces 349 horsepower.

However, the quiet sound might soothe some and deter some. Although the Audi isn’t as quick as the BMW M340i or Mercedes-AMG C43, the S4’s quick-shifting 8-speed auto transmission and the standard Quattro all-wheel-drive are responsible for the car’s quick acceleration.

The S4 effortlessly switches between calm and thrilling modes, but the manner of operation is far more enjoyable than enchanting.

Despite its small size, the interior is well decorated, as is the large trunk. In 2022, the S4 is a subtle and surprisingly athletic choice for adults. It is one of the best cars at under $50K.

Alfa Romeo Giulia – $39,400

Alfa romeo giulia

Did you use the word, Audi? I think that could mean “Overweight Chicken” in Italian. At least, this is what Alfa’s PR department has told me.

Then, you’ll enter the Alfa Romeo Giulia, stage left. The front row cannot look away from the bodywork crafted by hand-planned fenders and the sporty look of this Italian sports car.

The base model makes around 280 horsepower with a powerful 2.0 4-cylinder engine. The Giulia RWD (rear-wheel drive) will propel up to 60mph in 5.5 minutes. It’s the same as a Miata. However, you’ll ride comfortably and with a tiny roar due to the sports exhaust system throughout the journey.

And what about your parents? Yes, they’re in the back of the car. However, they’re now speaking Italian, which is more palatable.

Toyota Toyota

Toyota toyota

Astonished by local buyers when it first arrived in Australia in 2012, The Toyota 86 delivered rear-wheel-drive performance and a sleek 2+2 design at a low cost.

The car was co-developed by Subaru, which branded its version of the Subaru BRZ; the Toyota 86 had a refined fuel induction system.

However, all the mechanicals included Subaru components. Subaru also produced cars for both companies at the Gunma plant.

The Toyota 86 was available in two trim levels: GT and GTS, which came with a manual six-speed transmission as standard and options of an automated.