2023 Genesis G90 Review – Price, Specs and Release Date

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The 2023 Genesis G90 exudes luxury and is packed with technology. You will also find two powerful engines, plenty of passenger space and a sensational ride.

The second-generation Genesis G90, the brand’s flagship luxury vehicle, is the 2023 Genesis G90.

The new G90 looks like it is not chasing German luxury stalwarts such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series. Instead, it’s been a mister-nice guy, and it shows.

Genesis claims that the new G90 is the most elegant expression of its “Athletic Elegance” design philosophy, which was shared with other Genesis models such as the G80, GV70, and GV80.

It also boasts a wide range of tech and performance features that will make luxury car owners scream with delight.

What’s New for the 2023 Genesis G90?

  • For 2023, the G90 will be completely redesigned. This modernization brings the G90’s design in line with the rest of the Genesis lineup.
  • New turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 motor
  • Rear-wheel steering and standard multi-chamber air Suspension
  • Luxury features include self-closing doors and an interior scent system.
  • Although pricing details aren’t yet available, Genesis claims that the car will be available in 2022.

Redesign of the 2023 Genesis G90

let’s discuss it.


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The 2023 Genesis G90  exterior design will be refreshed, but perhaps with a slight margin. The spy photos show that the sedan will receive the brand’s “Athletic Elegance,” which is stylish compared to its German counterparts.

The sedan will get a properly divided headlight design instead of the extrovert model’s hazy split headlight design.

Although the leading grille will be identical to the current design, the more prominent aspect vents will reveal a more intense top fascia design.

While the side account will be similar to the current model, the rear quarter windows will have a new plan.

With its unique design cues, the 2021 G90 sedan surpasses all its German counterparts in terms of design and attractiveness.

The future design might be futuristic rather than the traditional design and dimensions of the BMW 7 Collection or the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.



Although the 2023 Genesis G90 interior may be less than the previous version, nothing is certain. We expect more luxurious features to be added to the dashboard design of the new 2023 Genesis G90.

The 2021 Genesis G90 offers a luxurious cabin that is tech-savvy and comfortable. It also features a premium design and plenty of comfort.

We could find similar high-end features on the German counterparts, such as the 7 Collection or the S Type sedans.

The G90 sedan is outbound and features an outstanding infotainment system with a large 12.3-inch touchscreen. Its simple user interface allows you to select food items and themes quickly.

This is similar to the ones found in other Hyundai and Kia cars. Although nothing is known about the G90’s infotainment system, there are plenty of reasons to believe it will be very similar to that available in the GV80.

The Underside – Get the best Genesis deals.

There were two options for the G90’s previous engine choices: a twin-turbo V6 or a 5.0-litre V8. For the new model year, both engines have been removed.

Genesis replaces them with a turbocharged, 3.5-liter V6 mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Multiple cooling mechanisms are used to maintain proper engine temperatures and brake temperatures.

The G90 executive sedan is designed to provide maximum comfort for passengers. Genesis has updated the suspension and brakes of the car to accomplish this goal.

The new Chauffeur braking mode allows drivers to adjust the braking force according to their driving preferences.

Multi-chamber air suspension systems use a front-mounted camera system that recognizes road conditions and adjusts accordingly.

The sensors detect when the car is going downhill and can raise the G90’s front wheels to 25mm to protect its undercarriage. Rear-wheel steering allows drivers to manoeuvre the heavy vehicle in tight spaces.

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Although Genesis has not yet detailed the G90’s safety features, it has highlighted some new features that will be included when the car arrives.

The standard features include a head-up display, parking collision avoidance assist, a wide-angle camera system and a hands-on detection system that detects when the driver is at the wheel.

Informationtainment & Technology – Get the best Genesis deals

Genesis added comfort and entertainment tech to the G90 by throwing the kitchen sink at it. The exterior handles extend to greet the driver when they approach the car. An easy-close system automatically closes the doors for passengers.

You can also use a button on the key fob or outside handle to automatically open and close the doors. G90 offers fingerprint authentication that allows drivers to open the doors with one finger.

The memory system adjusts seat position and other settings based on the driver’s fingerprint.

G90 has a virtual venue function that creates a 3D surround sound experience. The function works with the car’s Bang & Olufsen 23 speaker stereo and can adjust to in-car audio conditions for the highest quality sound.

Genesis claims that the car features a “Mood Curator” function, which changes the interior ambiance lighting, sound system settings, and seats’ massaging with electric curtains.

Backseat passengers also get all the tech features. A rear armrest has an 8-inch touchscreen that can adjust climate, lighting, rear curtain position, seat position, massage functions, back curtain position, and lighting.

The screen is animated and uses graphics to show users how it works.

The Engine is Perfect for Luxury Motoring

The G90’s turbocharged 3.5-litre engine is powering it. However, the manufacturer has not specified whether it is a V6 or an inline-six.

V6 engines are familiar to Genesis, making it the obvious choice. Although the claimed power output is 380 horsepower and no torque figures are available, the engine is believed to produce 380 horsepower.

This is a shame, as low-down torque makes the engine an absolute necessity. Given the excellent G90 turbocharged engine, we’re willing to give Genesis the benefit.

As standard, power will be sent to the rear wheels. However, an all-wheel-drive system will also be available. An eight-speed automatic transmission will send the power to the wheels.

The transmission’s sole purpose is to blend into the background and provide continuous power. This trick has been done before by Genesis, and it can do it again.

Engine5,0 V8
Power420 HP @ 6,000 RPM (313 kW)
Torque383 lb*ft @ 5 000 rpm (519 N*m)
Fuel typePremium
Transmission8-speed automatic


Frequently asked questions about 2023 Genesis G90 are :

How much is the 2023 Genesis G90?  

Although Genesis has not yet released pricing details, we don’t think it will surprise us if the 2023 Genesis G90 starts at $75,000.
Many people still have trouble understanding the changing tide of Kia and Hyundai.

However, the truth is that these OEMs produce some of the most desirable cars on the market.

J.D. Power recently conducted its annual reliability survey. Genesis was named the most reliable luxury brand.

Is the 2023 Genesis G90 a great car?

MotorTrend compared the Genesis to the BMW X7 and Lincoln Continental before the new interior was released.

The Genesis came out on top. Although the G90 is a luxurious sedan with great design, it has a little attitude.

The 2023 G90 was equipped with a twin-turbocharged, 3.5-liter V6 that produces 375 horsepower instead of the 5.0-liter V8. AWD is available for both the long-wheelbase and regular versions.

The 2023 model is only a step up from the 2022 model. Genesis states that the G90’s interior was ergonomically and emotionally supportive. MotorTrend was amazed at the interior of the G90.

 What’s new for the 2023 Genesis G90?  

The Mood Curator is one of the most innovative new features. This feature adjusts ambient lighting and sound system while the window shades open/close automatically.

A fragrance is sprayed through the air vents to help you relax.

Although it may seem silly or outlandish, it feels natural and fitting once you look at the whole car.

Massaging seats is another feature of the 2023 Genesis G90. The Mood Curator injects more perfume into the cabin, thanks to the massaging seats made of finely quilted leather and the rear footrests that support the reclining rear seats.

What is the Genesis G90? 

Hyundai launched the Equus just over a decade ago. A large sedan with serious mental capabilities sought to outperform the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, and Audi A8. Although it didn’t succeed, the Equus set a precedent.

The South Korean automaker was going to Germany to take on the German trio.
This 2023 Genesis G90 results from lessons from the first Equus and the 2017-2022 G90.

The second-generation G90 has been completely redesigned inside and out. It features a new exterior and interior reflecting Genesis’s bold design language.

It was a pleasure to test it out for ourselves. We may be surprised if the G90 feels just as great on the road as it does in person when it launches later in the year.

What’s under the G90’s hood?    

Genesis has confirmed that the turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine it uses to power the Korean G90 is available.

We expect it to be standard in the U.S., likely connected to an eight-speed auto and standard all-wheel drive.

Since Genesis is currently working on fully electric Electrified GV70 models and Electrified G80, we wouldn’t be surprised if electrification is a part of the G90’s story.

What’s the interior like of the G90?

The 2023 Genesis G90 is an architectural masterpiece. The G90 blends a modern design with traditional details.

It is a vehicle that leads with distinction rather than following the example of others. It is available in leather, aluminum, wood, and glass trims.
The interior also features heating, ventilation, and massage for the front and back seats.

You will enjoy a quiet ride thanks to active noise-cancellation technology and sound-deadening materials.

Although the cabin looks similar to GV80’s, it is clear that G90’s materials are superior, and their build quality is top-notch.

How’s the G90’s interior?    

The upper half of Genesis’ dashboard is dominated by digital instrumentation and an infotainment screen. However, Genesis wisely keeps a few physical controls to access commonly used functions.

The new Mood Curator suite tailors several features to create different cabin moods, including ambient cabin lighting and air fragrances.

Air suspension, remote parking with the key fob, and a rear-seat control panel are all features of the Korean model.