2021 Benelli 502C First Ride Review

Benelli launched the Benelli 502 cruiser to the world and at first sight, it looked elegant but the styling was similar to the Ducati Diavel. On taking a closer look at it, you can spot many differences; of course, it is unique and attractive.

But is it worth a price(ex-showroom) of Rs 4.98lakhs? Read our review to learn about the first of Benelli’s mid-size power cruisers for India!

Benelli 502c

Benelli 502C – Design And Style

Benelli chose a bike that is considered the most modern two-wheeler style and added a few design elements. In the LED headlamp, the DRL shape looks like a mask but functions very well.

The silhouette resembles a pillion backrest, and the 1,600mm wheelbase is all from Dialvel but the ground clearance is very decent at 170mm which is not so in Diavel.

Benelli 502C has a chunky 135mm inverted fork up front. The handlebars are very wide. The switchgear is satisfactory but the display screen and layout are not up to the standard. The layout and colors are not so mature, giving a completely different display setup at night.

There is no fancy Bluetooth connectivity, and a very simple TFT display shows you important information like revs, gear position, speed, engine temperature, fuel level, trips, and time.

No riding modes. The dual-channel ABS has no settings and cannot be switched off. The motorcycle has its maximum weight around the midsection, consisting of the 21-liter sculpted tank upon the exposed trellis frame and liquid-cooled motor.

The fit and finish are fine and wires are tucked away with the fluid reservoirs placed behind their panels.

Benelli 502C Riding Experience

The seat is comfortable and gives you the feeling of sitting on a big machine because of the forward-set pegs, the big tank, and the wide handlebar. In the riding stance, your arms and feet will be stretched forward and you will feel very relaxed.

It gives a decent 170mm of ground clearance. The tiny rear seat is not so admirable, but the backrest gives you some support, which is a standard fit.

Benelli 502c india

The bike’s sound gives you a feeling of riding a sporty bike. The fifth and sixth gears are tall. You can get 38kmph in the sixth and take it up to 150kmph. In the top cog, 80kmph comes up at 4,000 rpm and 100kmph at 4,700 rpm.

You can ride the bike at high speed, the best is around 85-90kmph. Heat dispersion levels are good. You will have fun if you keep the engine at 4,000 revs, but 502C seems to run out the higher you climb up the rev band.

The fun slows down at the 6,000rpm mark.

Benelli 502C Engine and Performance

The twin-cylinder engine of Benelli 502C was already present in Benelli’s other bikes like the Leoncino 500 and the TRK 502/X adventure motorcycle. The 47.5hp, 46Nm engine offers a decent performance with respect to the 216kg haul.

The sprint from 0-60kph takes 2.81sec, and the 100kph mark is breached in 6.4sec. The motor also can hit 150 without much effort.

Verdict- Benelli 502

The Benelli 502C fueling and power delivery is good but for a fast ride, it needs some effort and you should work for it to have fun.

It sounds brilliant and looks beautiful in the matte black paint job. Despite the high price, it is the winner.

Benelli 502C Key Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2240 x 950 x 1140
Engine displacement: 500cc
Transmission: Maximum
Power (ps):48
Displacemens:500 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity: 21 litres
Engine cc (Displacement): 500 cc
Maximum Power: 47.5 HP @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 46 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Number of Cylinders:2
Number of Gears: 6
Ground Clearance:170 mm
Kerb Weight:216 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 21 litres

Benelli 502C Price

Estimate Price(Ex-Showroom): Rs. 498000