Ducati Monster 937 First Ride Review – Just Fun!

The Ducati Monster had changed several looks for many years. It was presented as a stripped superbike, a modern retro, an urban model, and many other looks like the 797 to the latest 2021 Monster 937.

This new version of the Ducati Monster 937 is a sleek, sporty motorcycle resembling Panigale and the Ducati Supersport 950.

The aluminum monocoque used instead of Trellis is the most notable change. Read our review to find out what features call it “Monster”!

Ducati monster 937 first ride review

Ducati Monster 937 – Design And Style

Monster is smaller than the previous versions which were bigger and more muscular. The weight loss has brought many benefits but at the same time, it has not succeeded in getting the attention of bike lovers.

Some attractive clear lines in the tail section with big upswept exhausts exist. The Monster looks better from the right than the left. The left has all the plumbing and wiring works.

From the right side, the Monster looks like a premium motorcycle. The Brembo radial master cylinders for the front brake and the clutch, Audi-style scrolling indicators, beautiful mirrors, and Panigale V4-inspired TFT display make it look like the most special bike in this segment!

Ducati Chasis

The monocoque chassis has a 90° V-twin engine. The new frame, a lighter subframe, a smaller fuel tank (4 liters vs 16.5 liters), and less weight within the engine have made the Monster 18 kilos lighter than the previous version.

With 188kg, its curb weight has made it the lightest bike amongst the others! The bike is ready for a sporty ride with Brembo M4.32 brakes from Panigale V2 and Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 tires! The monster has seven degrees of additional steering lock, which makes riding easier.

The new chassis gives a sharper steering angle and a shorter wheelbase. The tire and brakes are impressive. The Monster has a non-adjustable front fork and a preload adjustable rear shock, and it is performing quite well.

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Ducati Monster 937 Ride And Handling

Bicycle races are easy on winding roads and in traffic. The Monster would not feel tired compared to the Kawasaki Z900 and BMW F 900 R. The wheelbase is 35mm shorter, so the Monster is a simple vehicle.

The Monster 937 does not have adjustable suspension even in the top-range Plus variant, but has a fly screen and a rear seat cowl. The setup is firm with predictable rebound. Under hard braking, you can feel a dive but you will get used to it.

The firm damping gets you a little slow but bad roads will not be a problem. Ground clearance at 202mm is fine for an adventure bike.


When you carry a pillion on short rides, you have the preload adjustment for the rear mono-shock. The Monster 937 has two seat height options, 800-820mm, and a lowering kit that can bring the height down to 775mm.

Ducati has not declared how this lowering kit would affect the ground clearance, but let us hope it is not worrisome.

The pegs are lowered by 10mm and the handlebars are tucked in by 65mm but still, the taller riders also feel comfortable riding this bike. The Monster has an elevated tank. The Ducati’s rider seat gives you a bucketed feeling.

The Monster is meant for city rides and day-long rides. You have the touring mode, sport mode, and urban mode.

Ducati Monster Engine

The new engine is the familiar 937cc, liquid-cooled L-twin motor, the same as the Multistrada 950, SuperSport, and Hypermotard.

This offers 20% more torque at about 6,000rpm mark which helps the Monster move effortlessly even with the wrong gear. Excellent top-end performance can be seen.

There are a lot of reworked internals. The Ducati Monster has a crude sound at low speeds but gives you an enjoyable deep bark as you start riding fast. This does sound good with an aftermarket exhaust.

The motor is fine at solid midrange punch. It is good to revise and has a good throttle response. The Monster has the best electronics.

Monster Electronic Riding Aids

The Monster has the best electronics assists. There are several options available, and the operation is very smooth.

There are 3 customizable riding modes, 2 power levels, 8 levels of traction control, 3 levels of cornering ABS, launch control, wheelie control, and a bi-directional quick shifter.


The Monster 950 is different from its ancestors but still has its traits. It just has the look of the original. A new engine, a new chassis, and a fresh design altogether define this new motorcycle.

The price is high, but it is worth it to spend that amount. If you are ready to adapt to changes and accept the reduction of the bulk of the Ducati, you could have an enjoyable ride.

Ducati Monster 937 Specifications

Engine displacement: 937cc
Transmission: 6-Speed
Maximum Power (ps): 112
Fuel Tank Capacity:14

Ducati Monster 937 Price

Rs 10,99,000 – Rs 11,24,000 (Ex-Showroom)

Do you like this sleek naked bike, the Ducati Monster 937? Book it today and make it yours!

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