Yamaha FZ-X New Model First Ride Review – Retrostyle!

Bike lovers have been awaiting the launch of Yamaha XSR 155 in India since 2019. Yamaha decided not to introduce this very costly bike in India, but instead, to bring in a special bike for the Indians based on a simpler and affordable vehicle, the Yamaha FZ. The company launched the new FZ-X which has the same Deltabox chassis, engine, and many other features similar to standard FZ. This retro-styled motorcycle Yamaha FZ-X has many traits of the hot selling Yamaha FZ series. Exited to know more? Read our article further for more info!

Yamaha FZ-X New Model Design:

Yamaha fzx new model bs6

The new Yamaha FZ-X has many features of FZ series but there are many differences also from the standard FZ. The front part has a round headlamp which has a bi-functional LED surrounded by three lights. The fuel tank is teardrop-shaped with a pair of radiator shrouds which are cosmetic and surprisingly, this bike does not have a radiator! There is a negative LCD display with Bluetooth connectivity which is an old feature. There is a metal bash plate and a suspension which is similar to that of the standard FZ. The bike gives a rugged vibe caused due to its metal parts – the front mudguard, the bash plate, solid looking tank are some of them. The fork gaiters and the block pattern tyres give a look of good off-road machine. The tank has an off-centered unbalanced fuel lid. It seems to be big but holds only 10 L of fuel, 3 L less than the standard FZ tank. As a rider, you would have to stop at many places to fill fuel. The tail section has a very simple grab-handle that is placed over the LED tail lamp.

Yamaha FZ-X Engine, Chasis and Suspension

The FZ-X has hardware which is same as the other 150cc FZ bikes. The air-cooled 149cc single-pot motor comes under the 150cc class. The FZ-X has a smooth 5-seed gearbox. The motor has single downtube frame like the FZ and a telescopic fork to perform the suspension at the front and a preload adjustable monoshock at the back. The front and rear disc brakes are the same as that of standard 150cc FZ.

Features Of Yamaha FZ-X

Features of yamaha fz-xThe Yamaha FZ-X has Bluetooth connectivity which is a standard feature of the top-spec variant which would cost more than that of the standard FZ-X model. The Yamaha Connect Y app can be availed through which you can access a lot of information on your bike like average fuel consumption, schedule services, access riding logs, and more on your smart phone. Message and call notification details is shown on the LCD when connected with this app but it does not support navigation. There is a 12V power outlet on the handle bar.


The weight of FZ-X is about 4kg more than the standard FZ with its metal bits. The FZ-X has good low end torque and decent mid-range performance. It renders a nice and smooth performance at normal speed but at high speed, its performance is not appreciable. This engine can run with the throttle wide open for the whole day but while overtaking a vehicle quickly, you would need to shift down 1 or 2 cogs having the throttle fully open. You cannot go at a high speed. At 70kmph, the engine would feel over stressed. At more than 80kmph, you will lose your comfort zone. If you go beyond 100kmph, it is just a great achievement!

Yamaha FZ-X Riding And Handling

You can handle the bike easily at a balanced and neutral chassis but it is not the sharpest bike among all the bikes. The MRF dual-purpose tyres run smoothly on dry surfaces. With a decent ride quality and slightly firm feel due to suspension, the front brake feels quite dull but the actual braking performance is good. A standard rear disc and FZ-X is available with single-channel ABS. The off-road capability of FZ-X is same as the standard FZ. This is due to the suspension travel and ground clearance remaining the same. Additionally, the tyres provide extra grip while driving on dirt.

The FZ-X doesn’t manage to do anything better or more than what the standard FZ is capable of doing. It has the same amount of suspension travel and even the same wheelbase, just that the tyres might give you a little more grip over some minor rough patches.


Yamaha FZ-X is about rupees 12000 costlier than the standard Yamaha FZ as you get the neo-retro styled motorcycle with a little tough approach with some tweaked designs. It has equal functionality as that of the standard FZ model. The only reason you would prefer to buy it is if you love a rugged-looking motorcycle which would give you a low-speed ride.

Yamaha FZ-X Key Specifications:

Displacement: 149 cc.
Transmission: 5-Speed.
Max Power(ps): 12.40
Max Torque(Nm): 13.30
Mileage: NA
Dimensions (L x W x H): 2020 x 785 x 1115
Engine displacement: 149cc
Transmission: 5-Speed
Maximum Power (ps): 13
Fuel Tank Capacity 10
Mileage (Overall): NA

Yamaha FZX India Price

1,16,800 (Ex-Showroom)

Are you found of a retro-styled, rugged-looking bike which you would like to ride slowly? Then, buy the new Yamaha FZ-X!