Triumph Trident 660 India Review (BS6)

Bikers love their bikes more than anything else in this world. Did you grow up yearning for a bike of your own and hope to be a good biker? Are you at the age of buying your first bike? The 2021 Triumph Trident 660 is the bike for you. Excited to know the features and specifications of this bike? Read our review to know all!

Triumph Trident 660 India Review (Bs6)

Triumph Trident 660 Design and Style

The bike has the iconic nameplate of a classic sporty roadster bike of the 90s but has the traits of the latest Street Triple and it has the capacity to become one of the most successful bikes of the company.

The Triumph Trident has a rounded tank, slim forks, front fender, and simple radiator shrouds that are very good looking but not so attractive. As Triumph wanted to give a retro look to the bike, they designed a circular headlight and instrument cluster. The only significant and unique feature is the modest tail and the tail-light with coloured underside. There is a little Triumph logo embedded in it.

The Trident is best for those who would like to upgrade from KTM 250s and 390s. It is a large bike, almost 1-1/2 times larger than the entry-spec Dukes. It is good for average height and short people also. For people who are more than 6 feet tall, there will be some discomfort as their knees will reach to the end of the knee recesses. Riders with large boots will have their legs reach the foot peg holders of the pillion. The seat is 805mm tall but easy to get on due to the narrow saddle profile. There is a fat cushioning and wide rear which would be comfortable for both the rider and the pillion on long rides.

As the handlebars are wider compared to the Street Triple, you would get a good leverage but an early steering lock limits the flexibility while riding or turning at narrow spaces. The curved handlebars and raised foot pegs give you a relaxed and sporty riding posture. The tank has unique narrow recesses and plastic inlays which offer good traction for the knees when braking or sport riding. The tank is large and hence gives a feeling of riding a large bike but overall, the the bike feels small and weighs light like a Street Triple.

The classy tank, handlebars and headlights stay highlighted in your mind so that the lower-side facts such as the switchgear quality, entry-spec suspension and brakes are just forgotten. You just have a feeling that the Trident is a sophisticated two-wheeler and so is it! The fit and finish are perfect and faultless and better than the vehicles from which you are upgrading.

Chassis And Suspension

The Trident exposes the bespoke steel tubular frame and the swingarm with a conventional straight arm on the left side and gull-arm on the right, with the under-belly exhaust canister at the right side. The chassis is suspended by 41mm upside-down forks up front and a pre-load adjustable monoshock at the rear from Showa. The ground clearance would be a problem unless you adjust the pre-load.

The braking hardware are sliding-type Nissin callipers at the front and rear which work fine. They are fine for riding over highways and even sports-riding in mountains but they are not suitable for track ride.


The Trident Engine is of 660cc capacity and derived from the Daytona with respect to design and engineering. Otherwise internals like crank, pins, pistons, head, cams etc. are new. The powertrain has a slip and assist clutch. The clutch lever is not adjustable. This engine has a ride-by-wire which with two riding modes – peppy road mode and a dull rain.

Triumph Trident 660 Riding Experience

The Trident rides on all rough surfaces with ease and also rides on large speed breakers without any problem, sitting high off the ground. The suspension setup is not so good but still no discomfort is felt. In spite of the short gearing, the power delivery is linear and smooth. The throttle is not rough and you can easily ride over corners because there is no overwhelming of power felt. The essence of the power is between the 3,000-8,000rpm mark, but the short gearing and a healthy spread of torque between the 3,-9,000rpm mark is a very positive feature of Trident. The tractability is superb.


Triumph Trident is the most inexpensive bike of Triumph with very high features and performance. In fact it is a better choice than the Street Triples of 5-6 years ago with 69PS output. Triumph offers low cost of ownership with a service interval of 16,000km. So we conclude that the new 2021 TriumphTrident 660 would be a valuable possession which is worthy for its price!

Key Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H): 0 x 790 x 1080
Engine displacement: 660cc
Transmission: 6-Speed
Maximum Power (ps): 81
Mileage (Overall): 17.47 kmpl

Fuel Tank Capacity: 14

Price Range (Ex-Showroom)
Rs. 6,95,000,

Do you like to make 2021 Triumph Trident 660 your own first vehicle? Make it yours and have a fun-filled ride!

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