TVS Apache RR310 Review -Very Close To Be A Race Bike

Young racers always have been admiring the RTR but now, TVS has something that would perfectly shine on a track. It is the new 2021 TVS Apache RR 310 Review.

Tvs apache rr310 review

TVS started with a little moped which crossed 100 km/h in the 80s and now in 2021, TVS has launched the most challenging motorsport today, the 2021 TVS Apache RR310. Back in 2017, RR310 was launched to attract the RTR fans’, the sporty commuters, by presenting a sports motorcycle that could be rode on a track!

With every model of RR310, TVS introduced an upgrade that transformed in to improved performance. The first model had many vibrations and so was added with a slip and assist clutch. The BS6 version gave better refinement and a longer feature list. Now, there is an option for suspension tuning that makes if fit for a track ride.

RR310s are best for championships. They have custom exhaust and the suspension set-up is tweaked. TVS now offers this ease of adjusting the suspension with the 2021 model. A 20-step adjustment is available for compression and rebound damping on KYB forks with 15mm of preload adjustment and 20-step adjustment for rear shock.

There is a tremendous difference in how the motorcycle responds on the track. With an experience of riding a bike with standard suspension setup, when riding a bike that is tweaked for track back-to-back, I could easily feel the difference. Do you know the reason why a race bike has a stiff suspension? That is because the suspension not only compresses while braking or cornering or just absorbs undulations while riding the bike on the street but it also pushes the wheel back to the tarmac instantly in order to maintain traction and speed. This is the point you realize that the rebound adjustment is helpful. A soft suspension would give you a very late response.

Tvs apache rr 310

The RR310, now has a race-fit suspension and so definitely is agile. So it assures a sharper response at corners and has minimal or no dive while braking. Even with no tweaks to the powertrain, it would be able to clock quicker lap times. This is offered in the Dynamic kit and the Race kit which offers race ergonomics along with handlebars and footpegs to create more committed riding stance. The RR310 is now just very close to become the race machine and would surely qualify to be so. We can surely expect such upgrades from TVS for the RR in the near future.

2021 TVS Apache RR310 specifications:

  • TVS Apache RR310 Engine – 312.2cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled
  • *Power :
    25.8 PS at 7,600 rpm (Urban and Rain mode)
    34 PS at 9,700 rpm (Sport and Track mode)
    25 Nm at 6,700 rpm (Urban and Rain mode)
    27.3 Nm at 7,700 rpm (Sport and Track mode)
    *Six-speed transmission
    Throttle by wire
    Slip & assist clutch
    Front: 300 mm
    Rear: 240 mm
    Dual-channel ABS
    *Suspension – Front: Inverted telescopic forks
    *Rear: Two arm aluminium die-cast swingarm, monoshock
    *Tyres – Front: 17″ 110/70 Tubeless Michelin ROAD 5
    *Rear: 17″ 150/60 Tubeless Michelin ROAD 5
    *Ground clearance – 180 mm
    *Seat height – 810 mm
    *Kerb weight – 174 kg
    *Fuel tank – 11 litres
    *5″ TFT instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity
    – turn-by-turn navigation
    – phone notifications, etc.

New Features of 2021 TVS Apache RR310 model

The Dynamic manages the adjustable suspension. The Race kit give you a sportier riding position. The TFT instrument cluster has a Digi Doc to store vehicle documents and Dynamic Rev Limiter. You can choose accessories for your race colours as you like and also you can add a racing number of your choice on the front.

TVS has offered a ‘Build To Order’ platform with which you can customise your motorcycle on a web configurator or an app called TVS Arrive. If you do not like. you can also buy a standard bike which is same as before. The engine gives you a punch in the middle of the rev band with 34 hp and 27 Nm. The brakes are spot on. The 2021 model really just has a lot of choices for a bike lover. The on-track performance is really impressive but I really wonder if a normal street rider requires an option to firm up the suspension.

Price of 2021 TVS Apache RR310
The kits really increase the prices.

The base price is now Rs 2,59,990 (ex-showroom). If you want to prepare it for the track, you should spend Rs 17,000 more. The Dynamic kit costs Rs 12,000 and Race kit costs Rs 5,000. To add racing colours, you should spend Rs 4,500 for Race Replica graphics and Rs 1,500 for red alloy wheels. These kits are available even for the older models – 2017 and later, if the customer would like it.

If you have a passion to become a motorcycle racer, then 2021 TVS Apache RR310 is the perfect choice for you. Go ahead and make it yours!