How to Sell More Cars at a Dealership?

How to sell more cars at a dealership?

While there is no doubt that some successful dealers have natural talent, hard work can pay off for those who don’t possess the ability to sell. Here I will share you How to Sell More Cars at a Dealership?

Like a classic car salesman, the most important thing to do than work hard is to be smart. These steps will help you navigate the procedure of getting a lead who walks through your door to get the final result of greater closed sales in selling your vehicle.

How to Sell More Cars at a Dealership?

Your online presence can cover every aspect of your business. The top lead source for your business is the internet. The internet is a treasure trove of information available to them.

They can complete all of the research and shopping they require online without the assistance of a salesperson. You’ll fall short if your online presence and features aren’t in line with your rivals. Put in the time to transform online into the most valuable asset.

If you don’t do these digital upgrades now.

If you don't do these digital upgrades now.

A responsive site is accessible on tablets and mobile phones. An extensive and continuously up-to-date inventory of all the vehicles you can find at your dealership with good-quality photos

An informative and professional business blog that includes SEO-optimized posts to drive visitors to your website and establish a rapport with potential buyers

Social media engagement is regularly that includes Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

A clearly defined call to action on your inventory listings and your website and by making an online form or calling an agent for sales

You’ve got an extensive CRM system to monitor and monitor your lead


The ability to monitor your online sales leads is a major boost to your efforts. When a potential customer is browsing online and decides to call your business, you can add all your information about the person to your sheets.

The information you collect will provide your sales team with information on what the prospective customer is looking for, how you can market effectively to them, and where they’re in the sales funnel.

Your CRM can also give you an in-depth overview of sales performance in your business. It can also include sales reports, lead source reports, and individual performance reports for your sales staff.

Your inventory and salespeople are in place to conclude the transaction.


At this moment, the prospect has completed an extensive analysis of your available inventory online, has decided to call your dealership to request a quote and additional information, and is now ready to visit your dealership for an initial test drive.

Here is where the experience of the traditional car sales process can be helpful. Your sales representative should have a full presentation ready for your customer, armed with all the relevant information they could require. They should know the safety features inside out and has at minimum two similar vehicles to view and use a comprehensive up sheet.

Also, make sure the vehicle is in top condition.

It should look like it just was delivered from the factory with a fresh smell and shiny exterior, white tires, and clear enough to eat from inside and outside. You’d like to be proud of buying this vehicle.

The final document should be streamlined, and make sure you have a clear sign. It should be easy for them to sign the document!

A major and important aspect of learning to increase the number of cars sold in a dealership is knowing how to speed up the process of getting the final signature needed to complete the purchase.

When seeking finance options with your manager takes more than 20 minutes on average, you must reduce that time. Explore different technology platforms to aid in this issue. Instead of doing everything on paper, convert the process onto digital format using mobile devices or tablets.

The sale does not end until they leave the property


A proper follow-up process is essential to customer referrals. Let’s face it; mainly used car dealerships, automobile dealerships have been branded with a negative image. However, if you can give your customers an unforgettable experience and earn their trust, they’ll be likelier to tell their friends about the experience.

Be extra generous and contact your customers. Your salespeople should write a brief, handwritten note to them, thanking them for their purchase. Engage them on social media and upload photos of them driving their new vehicle. People will notice, and your base of referrals will increase.

Get Personal


Customers don’t want to feel like a number just because they arrive at the door. As an employee of sales, you can build instant engagement by knowing the person’s name and including it in your conversations.

It might seem like an easy idea, but calling an individual by name can be a significant difference in the world of sales. It lets them know you’re paying attention and opens the way to an exciting conversation.

Once you’ve established their identity and reputation, you can start asking them questions regarding their requirements to determine the best way to pair them with the right vehicle for your property. For instance, if, for example, they say they frequently make road trips on their own, you could suggest a mid-sized car that’s fuel efficient.

Don’t Waste Time on Converting People


It is inevitable to have customers who visit a dealership solely to browse. That’s acceptable. The browsing experience is a significant beginning step on the path to purchasing.

It’s possible to talk to them and ask them for any details, but you must know whether they’re aiming to buy or simply looking to kick tires. If they appear unlikely to buy something–for instance, they don’t request an evaluation of their vehicle or ask what buyers’ options are available–then give you a business card.

They might phone you when they’re slightly more serious about purchasing a car. At that point, you’ll be able to go to the young couple looking for an SUV that is suitable for babies now.

Take the BANT Approach

The idea is to create an extension to the last point that helps to qualify sales leads. BANT is a proven sales strategy that refers to Budget, Authority, requirement, and timeline.

Find their budget and suggest the right vehicle within the same price range. Do not try to sell too much. Also, check whether the individual is competent to purchase.

Of course, the car you choose should be able to meet your customer’s needs. When they’ve three children that they have to transport to soccer practice, they’re not in the market for an SUV.

In terms of timeline, it’s how long you can get the product to customers at a feasible time. If the vehicle they’re looking for is in the dealership and does not require to be ordered in this case, that’s a huge advantage.

Share Information About Incentives

Inform the prospective customer of any current offers on the car or if the dealer offers excellent financing rates. Inform them of the time they can take advantage of the incentives and let them make their choice without any pressure.

You could also discuss other advantages that could make the client want to buy. Maybe there’s an on-site garage that could efficiently service the vehicle. Sales incentives are people’s favorites; therefore, utilize them to your advantage.