How to Clean Rubber Car Floor Mats of Lexus RX

It is a sensible approach to How to Clean Rubber Car Floor Mats. This is not a complicated task that will leave you exhausted. It is as simple as removing the rubber rug and spraying water through your garden hose.

Rubber car floor mats are not like other floor mats. They react badly to excess cleaning. It only takes a once-a-year wash as with any other covering on carpeted flooring.

How to Clean Rubber Car Floor Mats – Step By Step Guide

Although rubber car mats aren’t as appealing as cloth mats, they are much easier to clean. You can clean your car mats with a high-pressure garden hose. You can also wash off winter salt and spring dirt using a soap bottle in the sink.

Rubber mats that are too frequently cleaned or used with harsh soaps can be more worn than your feet. However, a once-a-year cleaning will protect the carpeting beneath.

Step 1Take Your Rubber Floor Linings and Mats Out of the Vehicle

To get rid of food and debris, shake it vigorously. You may be able to remove some dirt from your rubber mat without getting too sweaty.

Step 2 – Rinse and wash

Use water and a cleaning product to clean the floor mat. A high-pressure hose is the best choice for removing stubborn grit that has been adhering to your floor mats for many months or years.

Choose a mild cleaning product that can be used on rubber surfaces.

Step 3Scrub the Mats Thoroughly

Next, we will clean your rubber car mats thoroughly. You can use a tire brush to remove any accumulated dirt and mud from your mat’s grooves or dimples. The bristles will need to reach your mat’s most profound areas.

Step 4Wipe the Rubber Mats Dry

It can be done with a lint-free towel or a microfiber towel. It is not a good idea to dry a rubber mat outside in the sun as this can cause cracking and fading. It is better to use a clean towel to dry the mats one at a time. If you are unsure if they are ready to go, let them air dry in a shaded place.

Step 5Lock in the Color & Freshness

To preserve the color and freshness, use a treatment product. Even though the product is specifically formulated for rubberized materials, you should never use it as an exterior protector for your rubber mat.

Your chosen treatment product should not dry with a slippery finish. You’ll end up with a slippery rubber floor mat. Because silicone repels water, make sure you choose something with silicone. A slick, clean mat is not possible.


Car mats provide extra protection for factory-installed carpets. These mats are available as an optional accessory or a standard item from the factory. These floor mats can be purchased online by aftermarket manufacturers.

These mats can be easily cleaned using household products and some elbow grease.

Fabric Flooring Mats

Fabric flooring mats

Fabric floor mats are the most affordable and most popular. They can be used with the same carpeted flooring as your car. It is an additional layer of the same material, which can be decorated with accent colors, logos, and other enhancements.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats

Rubber or hard plastic is the next step up from fabric mats. These are often upgraded products from the dealer, especially for those living in wet or cold climates.

These are non-slip, which increases driving safety. They can also soak up water and mud. These are usually available in black so that they don’t get stained quickly.

All-Weather Vinyl Matts

All-weather vinyl matts

These are often sold as aftermarket products. These mats are more durable than the factory rubber mats, and they are also more fashionable.

These mats have an elevated edge to prevent water and debris from falling onto your vehicle’s floorboards. These mats are made from solid vinyl and will last for years.

Nomad Floor Mats

Nomad floor mats

This product is a new entry by the folks at 3M. This unique surface material can absorb grease, grime, and water. They are not as frequent to be cleaned as the others.


Car mats can improve your vehicle’s interior appearance and reduce slippage while you drive. This has been the cause of many car accidents in the past. No matter what method you use How to Clean Rubber Car Floor Mats, you should do it often and replace them as directed.

Frequently Asked Question

Below are some Frequently askes Questions about Rubber Car Floor Mats.

How to Clean Rubber Car Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats make it easy to clean. This is why rubber floor mats are so popular among South Elgin drivers.

You need to take these steps to make your car’s interior shine again. 

Take the floor mats out of the car.
Take out all dirt and other debris.
Rinse the mats using clean water.
Use a rubber mat cleaner to scrub the surface gently.
Rinse the mats.
Use a microfiber cloth to dry the mats.
Only put them back in your car once they have dried completely.