This post will discuss the TOP 5 BEST CAR JUMP STARTERS. A portable jump starter is a must-have for every vehicle owner.

This will ensure you don’t have to wait for someone to jumpstart your dead battery again.

These portable jump starters are becoming more popular over the years. Many of them can also be used as battery banks for your electronics.

It can also be used as a portable charger, allowing you to charge your tablet or phone on the move. They can also be used to charge your phone or tablet while you are away.

What makes a great Jump starter?

There are many features and specs to consider when shopping for a portable jump start. These are the most critical features and a few that we don’t consider essential.

Start power: The most important aspect of a portable starter is its ability to provide power to your engine. A jump starter’s rating is cold-cranking amps (CCA), or peak amps.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can determine which types of vehicles the model can start. Manufacturers may only make general claims about the engine size of their models, such as a V8 engine or a 4.0L.

However, you will find a wide range of power outputs for jump starters and car batteries.



Product NameProduct ImageProduct URlBuying Link
No Boost plus GB40No boost plus gb40  
Tacklife T8 Tacklife t8   
Audew Starter, Car Auto Battery Charger Portable 2000AAudew starter, car auto battery charger portable 2000a  
Micro-Start XP-3Micro-start xp-3  
Google Car Battery Jump Starter  Google car battery jump starter    

No Boost plus GB40

Start Dead Battery: Jump start your dead battery safely in just seconds using this portable 1000-amp lithium car battery jump starter kit.

It is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines and can be used to jump-start up to 20 cars.


A safe and simple car battery jumpstart pack that is easy to use without worrying about sparks or incorrect connections.

Our mistake-proof design features spark-proof technology, and reverse polarity protection and is easy to connect to any 12-volt automotive battery.


It can be used as a car jumpstart, portable power bank, and flashlight. You can recharge smartphones, tablets, or other USB devices.

The device can be charged from any USB port within 3 hours using 2.1-amps. An integrated 100-lumen LED flashlight features seven light modes including SOS and emergency strobe.

Advanced Design

The most advanced portable car battery jumper ever. high-discharge lithium technology ensures safe operation in all climates. The IP65-rated enclosure is rugged and water-resistant.

Rubberized, the over-molded casing is that prevents scratching and marring. A lightweight, compact design that weighs only 2.4 pounds.


  • Highly consistent
  • Ideal for most car owners
  • Jumper cables with heavy-duty are superior to most


  • Storage bags that are poorly made
  • There are fewer power ports than usual.

Tacklife T8

let’s start the review


The T8 Pro is an upgraded version of the T8. Its startup performance and stability are better. It can safely jumpstart dead batteries in a matter of seconds.

It is suitable for 12V cars and SUVs, trucks, vans, and trucks (up to 7.5L Gas Engine, 6L Diesel Engine).

Advanced Design

This enclosure is rugged and water-resistant, rated IP65. It can be used in all weather conditions. The rubber coating protects the charging port from scratches and other damage. T8 Pro is Tacklife’s most versatile car starter.


The compact 18000mAh power bank can quickly charge your phone, tablet, or Kindle via dual USB ports (5V/9V and 5V/2.1A), as well as power other car accessories with a 12V/10A DC port.

T8 Pro has one more Type-C cable than T8, which can meet 90% of your phone charging needs.


The jumper indicator, designed for multifunctional use, notifies you of incorrect use by flashing an audible buzz. Full metal clamps are stronger. The T8 Pro is multifunctional and can be used as a lifesaver.

It has a strobe light, SOS signal, red emergency lights, and a built-in Compass. The digital LCD screen clearly shows the remaining power.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX – TACKLIFE T8 pro jump starter, smart jumper cables, car chargers, USB and Type-C cables, and cigarette lighter adapter. EVA waterproof bag. We are available to help you at all times.


  • Affordable price point
  • There is more power than the average motorist needs
  • There are many additional ports and functions.


  • Safety protection box that is too bulky
  • Poorly placed flashlight

Audew Starter, Car Auto Battery Charger Portable 2000A Charger 20000mAh Ep155

Audew car jumper uses a high-speed polymer battery to replace a regular starter. It can start any 12V vehicle, including any gas engine or up to an 8.5L diesel engine, as well as RVs, lawnmowers, speedboats, and other vehicles up to 40 times.


This car battery jumper has three lighting modes: stable, strobe, and SOS. It can also be used for traffic warnings, torches, and life-saving signals. You can use the car jumper as a power bank and cigarette lighter.

Durable materials and LCD screen

The Audew battery car charger uses an ABS fuel casing and an Acrylic high-transparency lens.

This is stronger than ordinary plastic. The LCD screen displays the exact remaining power percentage and status of the auto battery booster. It is important to avoid overcharging.

Enhanced Safety Technology

Audew’s auto battery booster utilizes advanced technology to ensure your safety. You can jump your car.

Ultra-bright Flashlight With SOS

This ultra-bright flashlight is perfect for any emergency. There are three LED light modes: high, strobe, and SOS.

Ultra-Compact and Convenient Package

The unit comes in a quality case. It’s smaller than traditional jump starter packs and easier to transport than bulky ones.


  • Affordable price point
  • Amazing performance at a reasonable price
  • There are many other ports and functions available.


  • Low durability
  • Cable protection box

Micro-Start XP-3

The XP-3 is the right choice if space is limited. The XP-3 is only one inch thick so it can be carried in your pocket. However, it’s best to keep the model in your backpack.

We recommend this product to Powersports enthusiasts as well as motorcycle owners. However, its ability to start up to a five-liter gasoline engine is a great choice for most people.

Two USB charging ports are available, which can be very useful in many situations.


  • Compact size
  • Incredible power output given its size
  • There are many additional features


  • High price
  • Reviewers indicate that quality control issues could be present

Google Car Battery Jump Starter

Car jump starter: This GOOLOO car jump starter battery pack can jumpstart most 12-volt cars and motorcycles. It has 1200A peak power (charging takes 5hrs). Excellent performance in extreme temperatures (-4degF to 140degF).


The GOOLOO GE1200 car jump start battery pack comes with 10 types of general protections.

Additionally, the jump starter now has a 3-pin output port. The intelligent jump cable can detect the vehicle’s voltage and alert you by buzzing and warning symbols.

Quick-charging pro bank

This 18000mAh jumpstart battery pack charges your phone, tablet, and GPS up to 70% faster than standard battery pack technology.

It also powers other car accessories (tire inflators, vacuum cleaners, etc.) with a 12V/10A DC port.


THE GOOLOO GE1200 has a built-in flashlight that can be used in three modes.


  • Plenty of power to drive most cars
  • There are many charging ports available for your devices
  • It can be used to power automobile tools


  • Cable protection box
  • Poorly placed flashlight


Frequently asked questions about CAR JUMP STARTERS are :

Can I overcharge a portable jump starter?

No, unless the unit is defective or damaged. The built-in circuitry will turn off charging automatically when the battery has fully charged.

Which battery cable clamp goes where?

The red clamp is for the positive terminal (positive battery terminals often have a red plastic covering), while the black clamp is for the negative terminal.

Reverse the cables’ order and ensure that the clamps don’t come in contact with any metal parts.

Will a jump starter charge my battery?

A jump starter does not provide additional power to start the engine.

The jump starter will not charge your battery. The alternator provides power to the vehicle and can also charge the battery.

Although some commercial-grade units are capable of acting as chargers, the process is much more complicated than one jump.

Why does my jump starter keep clicking?

The jump start creates the necessary charge to get the vehicle started.

Clicking is a safety feature that prevents the car’s battery from drawing too fast a current and causing thermal runaway.

Thermal runaway is what you see if you have seen flaming hoverboard videos. It’s not good.