2023 Toyota Highlander Review: Release Date and Design Specs

The 2023 Toyota Highlander has been the most popular three-row SUV in the last six years and aims to maintain its dominance with a few upgrades for 2023’s model year. 

2023 toyota highlander review

This includes a brand new turbocharged engine and new features throughout the range of trims. Learn more about the expected release date, price, specifications, and features that will be added to the 2023 model of Toyota Highlander.

What’s New for 2023 Toyota Highlander? 

  • A new turbocharged gasoline engine that is turbocharged
  • Dual 12.3-inch displays are standard on Limited trims and Platinum trims
  • Available 12.3-inch informational display for XLE as well as XSE.
  • Mirrors that fold power are added in Limited and Platinum
  • hands-free Power liftgate has been added in XLE as well as XSE trims
  • Wireless charger is now placed on the instrument panel shelf
  • The 7.0-inch instruments cluster screen is included in L and LE models.

2023 Toyota Highlander Design:

2023 toyota highlander design

In 2023, the Toyota Highlander will offer new features across the trim range. It has two 12.3-inch Multi-Information Display (MID) screens that are standard on the Limited and the Platinum trims. The trims also have new standard exterior mirrors that fold up, making it simpler to access and leave garages.

Within the Highlander, the wireless charger was relocated onto the panel shelf to allow easier access. Additionally, there is a new trim XLE and XSE. XLE, as well as XSE trims, are joined by the Limited as well as Platinum trims, which have the hands-free power liftgate.

The 2023 Highlander includes a new shade for exterior paint shades: Cypress. The cabin is painted in “Harvest Beige and Glazed Caramel interiors now feature Black as the accent color, replacing Noble Brown.”

As previously mentioned that the launch date of the 2023 Toyota Highlander midsize SUV will most likely occur in late Summer/early autumn 2022.

In addition, the 2023 Highlander will likely cost slightly higher than the 2022 Highlander, with an initial price of $35,855 MSRP.

2023 Toyota Highlander Interior

The interior is unchanged, with no modifications to the interior. Woven fabric seats are standard, and customers will get Soften and perforated leather trims moving through to the upper trim lines.

In the cabin, you can find you can choose between harvest-beige or glazed caramel. have black as an accent color in place of noble brown.

 Highlander LE and L grades come with a second-row bench to provide seating for eight people, while the Limited and XLE grades come with the standard Captain’s Chair second row to accommodate seven seats. Buyers can pick a second-row seat for XLE Gas, XLE Hybrid, and Limited Gas grades.

2023 Toyota Highlander Exterior

On the outside, virtually nothing was changed in terms of the styling. However, the XSE trim has been updated with black roof rails, mirror caps, and window moldings.

The hybrid Bronze is available in the cement color to make it exclusive. The color is also offered in the wind chill pearl or midnight metallic black. The 2023 Highlander includes a new shade for exterior paint colors: Cypress.

2023 toyota highlander exterior

 The XSE, Limited, and Platinum trims are now equipped with Dynamic Torque Vectoring (DTV) AWD that plays a more active part in deciding which wheels require power and when.

This new Highlander engine can maintain the same efficiency of 24 MPG as the previous V6 in accordance with Toyota. The Highlander turbo has retained its maximum towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. capability. Toyota also has an inverter power outlet of 1,500 watts on the brand new Highlander with some trim levels.

How much is Cost of 2023 Toyota Highlander:


2023 Toyota Highlander L N19.9 million (est) $38,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander LE (est): N20M (est) $40,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE N20.5 Million (est) $41,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander XLE N21.5 Million (est) $43,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE (est): N22. (est) $44,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander XSE N22.5 Million (est) $45,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE Bronze Edition The number of N23million (est) $46,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander Limited N23.5 millions (est) $47,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited (est): N24M (est) $48,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander Platinum N24.5 Million (est) $50,000 (est)
2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum 25, million (est) $51,000 (est)

When will the 2023 Toyota Highlander come out?

The 2023 Toyota Highlander will likely hit roads late in the summer/early fall of 2022. It will be sold through Toyota dealers across the United States and in select international markets.

The Highlander is manufactured by the Toyota Manufacturing Motor Manufacturing plant in Princeton, Indiana, alongside the Sequoia SUV and the Sienna minivan.

FAQ About 2023 Toyota Highlander:

How many miles can a 2023 Toyota Highlander last?

300,000 miles

Its Toyota Highlander is one of the most durable midsize SUVs on the market and can keep running for up to 300000 km after you take it off the road.

Will there be any changes in the 2023 Toyota Highlander?

In 2023’s model year, Toyota will replace the Highlander’s dependable 3.5L V6 engine (295 horsepower and 263 pounds of torque) with a brand new 2.4L 4-cylinder turbocharged (265 horsepower/310 lb-ft of torque). Horsepower decreases by 30. However, torque output increases up to 47 lb-ft.

Is Toyota going to make a plug-in 2023 Toyota Highlander?

Unfortunately, no. In 2023, the Toyota Highlander comes in 11 trim levels, five of which are hybrids, but none are PHEVs.

Does 2023 Toyota Highlander need to be plugged in?

The Toyota hybrid nickel-metal-hydride HV battery is never connected. The gas engine always recharges the battery via the generator while in cruise mode or by the electric motor in deceleration and Regenerative brakes.

Where are 2023 Toyota Highlander made?

Toyota Highlander Toyota Highlander for the American market is made at a plant located in Princeton, Indiana.

It is, however, produced in China and Japan, and the first Highlander model was manufactured in the Miyata plant in Fukuoka, Japan. This Highlander does not represent the only Toyota vehicle built in Princeton, Indiana.

Do 2023 Toyota Highlander hold their value?

They also rated the Highlander over other popular vehicles, like the Honda Pilot and Subaru Ascent. After 36 months from purchasing, KBB shows that the Highlander keeps 60.2 percent in worth. After 60 months, it has retained 46.3 percent in value.

Is 2023 Toyota Highlander full-time 4wd?

Is the Highlander AWD or 4×4? A 2021 Highlander is equipped, featuring front-wheel drive. When it was sold, all trims were equipped with an all-wheel drive system that provides additional stability and control in adverse road conditions.