2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible Review : Redesign, Driving Experience

2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible is a soft-top in the 4 Series range, which is also the version with two doors of the 3 Series. It is worth noting that the 3 Series and 4 Series share many of the same engines, and they share several components, despite appearing different from one another.

We are a fan of a little new technology, but the traditional approach is best at times, as is evident by this 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible.

After boasting for the duration of the first 4 Series about how amazing its roof made of metal that could fold, BMW has recently returned to an old-fashioned cloth roof.

2022 bmw 4 series convertible review : redesign, driving experience


  • It is a good idea to drive
  • Comfortable for long-distance trips
  • The soft-top roof of the new model is as quiet as the original hard-top model.


  • It’s not as exciting as that of the 4 Series coupe
  • Expensive
  • The rear seats aren’t spacious enough.

What models are available in 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible?

Diesel and petrol are also on the market. The 420i, 430i, and M440i are all petrol. The 420d and 430d are diesels.

420i:  184hp/300Nm, 131-140g/km, 46.3-49.6mpg
430i: 245hp/350Nm, 138-147g/km, 44.1-47.1mpg
M440i:  374hp/500Nm, 159-169g/km, 38.2-40.9mpg
420d:  190hp/400Nm, 111-119g/km, 62.8-67.3mpg
430d: 286hp/650Nm, 141g/km, 52.3mpg

This 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible is only available in top-end trims. M Sport is the starting model. It has 18-inch alloys and heated leather seats. It also comes with cruise control and Apple CarPlay/Android auto.

Upgrade from M Sport Pro edition bags to 19-inch wheels, adaptive suspension, and additional paint options. These options are available with 405d, 420i, or 430d engines.

This is the M440i, which can be described as the top of the line. It’s the M Sport Pro with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine.

Dimensions of 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible

Dimensions of the new generation 4 Series convertible swelled a tiny bit, increasing the range of 5.2 or 5.3 inches of length, according to the model you pick. It’s also an inch longer as well as 0.1 inches taller. In addition, its wheelbase has risen to 1.6 inches.

The grip on the front is improved thanks to the front track, which can now be 1.5 inches larger. Final numbers of 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible see length at 187.9 inches for models with a 430i engine and the trims M440i at 188 inches and width of 72.9 inches.

Height is 54.6 inches, and the wheelbase measures 112.2 inches in length. For weight, the RWD 430i sports an estimated curb weight of 391 lbs, while the xDrive version adds 116 pounds. M440i M440i weighs 4,171 pounds in the rear-wheel-drive version, and the xDrive model reaches 4,292 pounds.

Length 187.9 in
Wheelbase 112.2 in
Height 54.6 in
Max Width 72.9 in
Front Width 62.3 in
Rear Width 62.7 in

Background of 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible

It is more striking than its predecessor, and emulating the bold design and bold style of the 4 Series Coupe showroom stablemate 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible aims to mix driving pleasure that is sporty with open-air excitement to carry on the tradition of this class of model that first came out with the Munich maker’s initial 3 Series Convertible.

Like before, it is sized similar to its two arch-rivals in the segment, Audi’s A5 Convertible and the Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet, and does it more clearly due to the introduction of a roof made of fabric. Many of the changes beneath the skin have been made to make it more of a chauffeur’s vehicle than before.

2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible Trims 

See trim levels and configurations of 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible :

430i Convertible 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas 8-Speed Automatic Rear-Wheel Drive $53,300
430i xDrive Convertible 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas 8-Speed Automatic All-Wheel Drive $55,300
M440i Convertible 3.0L Turbo Inline-6 Gas 8-Speed Automatic All-Wheel Drive $66,200

Driving Experience of 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible

BMW has been working hard to ensure that the 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible ride is as similar to the same as that of the Coupe as possible, with extra bracing and special panels to increase body rigidity. The company claims he is 4 percent higher than the previous steel-topped model.

Like the rest, it comes with rear-wheel drive and xDrive 4WD for the most powerful model (though this AWD system isn’t offered on less powerful engines as it is with the Coupe). In addition, there’s a new spring-strut spring suspension with double joints and a 5-link rear axle.

The main news in the engine department is the launch of the 48V mild-hybrid technology that is compatible with the 2.0-liter diesel engine with 184hp, which is in the 420d volume. This mild hybrid technology is also present in the diesel with six cylinders, such as those with the number M430d (286hp) and the M440d (340hp).

And it’s on the quickest mainstream conventional petrol variant too, the six-cylinder 374hp M440i xDrive, which features BMW’s Sport differential, with electronically-controlled, fully-variable locking function in the rear differential, all of this helping to get the power down through the turns, should you want to drive this car in the kind of enthusiastic manner a likely owner hardly ever would.

If you’re looking for the fastest version of this car, you’ll get directed to the M4 M xDrive Competition Convertible version, which packs 509hp and can reach the speed of 62mph in 3.7s. Toupees need to be secured very tightly.

The real world is back; there are two standard 2.0-liter turbo diesel four-series Convertible models that also come with that of the model 420i (184hp) and the 435i (258hp). All engines work in the standard eight-speed Steptronic auto transmission. A brand new Sprint feature can upgrade this.

Design and Build of 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible

It’s a clear issue in this case. The inevitable transition from the old model’s steel roof was hard-topped to the type of fabric top that competitors Audi and Mercedes provide. This means 40% less roof weight due to soft tops that use bow elements in the panel and an open rear window made of glass for optimal thermal and acoustic comfort.

The electric roof folds in 18 seconds to open and close and can operate at speeds up to 31 mph. As with its Coupe edition of the model, the more upright kidney grille is the main difference.

It’s designed to reference the classic BMWs such as the prewar model 328, a sports vehicle. This has prompted mixed reactions from those who are loyal to the brand; however, as Design Director Domagoj Dukec points out, up until in the 80s, the grilles were always vertical. BMWs were more horizontal than vertical.

Interiorly, it is in line with the most recent BMW style trends, such as the updated dashboard layout, including the latest drive selector that is more efficient, and an on-off button located in the center console. The BMW Live Cockpit Professional Dash Set-up is standard.

It offers a fully digital display with the highest resolution 12.3-inch instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel and the 10.25-inch iDrive infotainment Central Control Display. The car also has redesigned sports seats and the option of a head-up display that has been redesigned.

The Coupe is described as a “proper four-seater. However, the rear seat isn’t quite as comfortable as in the Coupe. As you’d expect, there’s less storage space in the boot, with the Coupe variant’s capacity of 440-litres decreasing to 385-litres with the roof shut and 300-liters with the top closed.

Cost of Ownership of 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible

Mild hybrid technology is added to all diesel engines and the petrol straight-six unit found in the BMW M440i xDrive flagship Convertible. Installing a 48V starter generator and an additional battery expands the possibilities of using Brake Energy Regeneration and the electric power it produces.

The recovered energy generated from the battery at 48V can be fed via the 12-volt electrical systems, or it can be used to generate additional drive power when returned to the 48V starter generator. If the vehicle is speeding, the generator can provide the driver with an electric boost effect that instantly puts an additional 11hp available.

All of which could lead to an impressive performance-related set of statistics. Let’s see. Let’s start with the gasoline models. The 420i can achieve 49.6mpg in the combined cycle and up to 131g/km CO2 emissions. In the 430i version, the figures go as high as 47.1mpg with a 138g/km mark maximum.

In the M440i xDrive model, the figures go up to 40.9mpg and up to 160g/km. What about diesel? The 420d’s official numbers are at 67.3mpg with a maximum of 112g/km. For the 430d, it’s up to 50.4mpg and up to 147g/km. The M440d xDrive version it’s 44.8mpg and 160g/km. For the M4 version, the figure is 27.7mpg with 231g/km.


Like many of its customers are, BMW is quietly satisfied with the 2022 BMW 4 Series Convertible. What would be a more exciting driving machine without the additional burden of the roof’s mechanicals? The sharper exterior over its 4 Series Coupe stablemate certainly suggests this.

It seems that the majority of buyers of the open-topped model are quite content, having a relaxed and easygoing style. This is the case, in reality, more than competitors like Audi and Mercedes can offer, and those models don’t offer the choice of engines BMW gives you with this model.

A number of boxes can be checked off by this vehicle if you can afford its price. You’ll find impressive safety systems with high residual values and higher than average rear-seat legroom, and an incredibly rich level of design that is never unable to make an impression.

In numerous ways, this is the most comprehensive contender in this class, and the best part is that it’s as stunning and costly as the kind of convertible is when the sun is out and everything is perfect in the world. Sure, there are numerous ways of better spending the money necessary to purchase this type of vehicle.