2024 Morgan Super 3 review: Release date and Design Specs

2024 Morgan Super 3 has never observed the herd. As large and extra realistic automakers maintain to downsize their powerplants (or swap to electric energy absolutely), the British sports activities-vehicle maker has long gone the other way. The last 2024 Morgan Super 3 Wheeler used an air-cooled-cylinder engine. However, the new one has been upgraded with a superior water-cooled three-cylinder. Don’t fear; that concludes this Morgan’s sensibleness.

2024 Morgan Super 3 ENGINES & PERFORMANCE

How characterful you discover a 2024 Morgan Super 3 Ford-derived Dragon engine depends on whether you have got pushed the 2024 Morgan Super 3 Wheeler. Come into it sparkling (as a number of our test group did), flick up the bomber-style shield for the begin button, dip the heavy grab and awaken the atmo 3-pot. You will locate yourself sitting at the back of one of the most charismatic engines in this aspect of a Porsche Cayman GT4 RS.

It takes a fragment longer to trap than maximum current powerplants and does so with a hollow, resonant gurgle. The exhaust exiting with the aid of your proper hip simplest provides the feel of the theatre. It goes beyond 3000rpm and takes on more of the ‘half of a Porsche 911’ man or woman you anticipate with a 3-cylinder. It retains an appealingly unrefined great.

It’s almost trying to emulate the vintage V-dual. Some testers should have noticed its unbalanced whump-whumping. However, while EVs and anodyne 4-cylinder turbos are the order of the day, it’s churlish to complain.

Particularly since the engine’s energy transport suits the Super 3 so flawlessly. It likes to rev and does its first-rate work-up pinnacle; however, because it has a decent amount of low-down torque and very little weight to inspire, it nevertheless feels quick and tractable, whichever equipment you’re in.

2024 Morgan Super 3  could have been given away with longer gearing. However, we’re satisfied it stored the ratios at the Mazda MX-5 gearbox closely spaced, as it way you can bask in extra revs and more blipped gearchanges, which can be made all the extra fun via best pedal spacing and a very long and light, but tight and pleasing, shift motion.

As an apart, rev-matching is crucial to riding a Super 3 fast because that single rear wheel can lock up quite easily in case you feed within the take hold of without the essential finesse after downshifts. Then once more, when heel-and-toeing is this easy, there’s hardly an excuse for not learning.

In a car like this, the outright performance is secondary to the enjoy, but it’s still correct to recognize that the Super three musters a first-rate amount. Getting a car propelled by using available finance all-season tyre off the line quickly is all approximately handling traction. Even on a mostly dry surface, 2500rpm is sufficient to take off with a small, conceivable amount of wheelspin.

The gearbox is glad to be rushed through the gears; however, get back on the energy too aggressively after slotting second, and the rear wheel will spin its electricity away again. The cease result is nearly as quick as a Ford Fiesta ST, from a standing beginning or thru the gears.

While that small contact patch is enjoyable enough to manage underneath acceleration, there’s no ignoring it when you need to forestall in a hurry. A preventing distance from 70mph of 59.3m is reasonable. It is better than what the three Wheeler recorded.

However, it is an extended way off what you can anticipate from the average cutting-edge supermini, let alone one with any performance credentials. To Morgan’s credit score, threshold braking feels intuitive, and whilst the front wheels lock up, the automobile nevertheless pulls up impressively instantly.

What about performance? Better or worse of 2024 Morgan Super 3?What about performance? Better or worse of 2024 morgan super 3?

The vintage motorbike engine made about 90bhp on the flywheel and simply over 100 lb-toes of torque. Morgan likes to remind people that the Ford motor mirrors a comparable motorbike-to-Blue Oval transfer inside the Thirties and is rated at 117bhp and 110 lb-feet of torque. That’s a healthful increase, but the kerb weight has grown from around 100kg to 635 kg.

Morgan says 0 to 62mph takes around 7sec, although it feels a great deal faster, and primarily based on our crude timing tries, is quicker, meaning it needs to be widely as rapid as the old car in opposition to the clock, not that that subjects.

The top pace is 130mph, but we’ll take Morgan’s phrase for it: by 80 mph, things are extra than thrilling enough, and handily, given the speed limit on maximum UK united states roads, 50-60 mph is its best cruising velocity.

2024 Morgan Super 3 Design

The common design ethos has shifted compared to the 3 Wheeler; the Super three is an automobile stimulated via the jet age, says Morgan, no longer propellor-driven World War Two combatants. But in one regard, the two are very much alike, as the shape follows the requirements laid out by the engine.

The 2024 Morgan Super 3 had a 2.0-litre, air-cooled S&S V-Twin, which is why it sat exposed at the nose, giving the car a special appearance. The Super 3 uses a greater advanced 1. 5-litre, water-cooled 3-cylinder from Ford, an engine referred to as the ‘Dragon’. As a result, the engine is enclosed in aluminium bodywork, giving the Super three a different appearance from its predecessor.

Not handiest is the engine tucked away in the back of an excellent mesh grille and a solid aluminium frame, onto which the suspension, guidance gadget or even the engine itself is bolted, but there are radiators on either side of it, too, giving the Super three a much wider face than the 3 Wheeler ever had.

The Super three’s profile is much less blobby than the three Wheeler’s, tucking down and in on the rear, giving it an awful lot less of an upside-down tub appearance, even as an unmarried, now enclosed exhaust pokes out at the rear proper.

The roll hoops remain for obvious safety motives (by no means ever strive a J-turn, something you do), and those little plastic screens may be completed with a cool yellow tint if you prefer.

This new Ford-powered tripod doesn’t have the identical characterful appearance as earlier; however, to my eyes, it nonetheless seems ace. A three-wheeler is just cool. There’s a sense of anticipation, a buzz, earlier than you’ve even pushed the issue. And there are nevertheless few details to fall in love with.

For me, it’s the texture of those aluminium castings at the front and rear. If you watched, they seem like the grain of the wood, that most Morgan of building substances, then you be proper, but it isn’t a planned function. They’re a derivative of the casting process that the bods at Morgan determined might be a disgrace to record away.

2024 Morgan Super 3 Specifications

Engine 1.5-litre naturally aspirated three-cylinder
Power 118PS (87kW)
Torque 129Nm (95lb ft)
Transmission Five-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive
Kerb weight 635kg
0-62mph 7.0 seconds
Top speed 130mph
Fuel economy 40mpg
CO2 emissions 130g/km


Is it 2024 Morgan Super 3 fast Car?

The large news is 2024 Morgan Super 3 has ditched the 82bhp S&S two-cylinder motorbike engine that became suited for the previous-gen three Wheeler in favour of a 118bhp Ford-sourced 1.5-litre aspirated 3-cylinder. Yep, it’s a Fiesta ST engine without the turbo.

2024 Morgan Super 3 has preceding with Ford electricity units in three-wheelers, having deployed an inboard Ford engine within the Thirties F-Type. The gearbox is the identical Mazda MX-5 five-pace manual used in the Super three’s predecessor.

You’ll need to click via the Driving tab of this review for our full mind. However, the headline figures are 0-62mph in round 7. 0 seconds and a pinnacle pace of 130mph.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST of 2024 Morgan Super 3?

Ah, here’s a sticking factor. The Super three begins at £41,995, but there’ll be an absolute mountain of accessories and customization alternatives, so anticipate spending as a minimum an additional 10 – 20 in step with cent if you get excited with the container ticking.