Kawasaki ZX10R

2021 Kawasaki ZX10R Road Test Review – Ninja Sport Bike!

Kawasaki has launched the ZX12R, the ZX14R and the H2. These have overshadowed Kawasaki’s ZX10R. But it is not any less capable. The new 2021 Euro 5 compliant Kawasaki ZX-10R has been launched after a lot of updates in terms of design and styling. It is not having a better look than the previous-generation but it is more aerodynamic. The 998cc four-cylinder engine presents with new oil-cooler, new exhaust for Euro 5 compliance with a revised gearing and tweaked riding modes.


Kawasaki ZX10R Design

The new ZX-10R has new and compact headlamps with revised ram-air intake. The stance is aggressive and track-oriented with new peg and bar placement. The revised seat which is higher at the rear reduces the drag. The twin-spar chassis remains the same.

There is a large air intake duct in the centre with recessed LED headlights. You can find prominent chin spoilers below the headlights and also some integrated ducts near them. These ducts facilitate air entry in to them which moves out via the vents on the top part of the side fairing. This helps in improving high-speed downforce17%.

The side fairing has been redesigned with a wide slit which gives a sneak peek at the Titanium alloy exhaust headers which are bright blue in colour. The fairing guides the hot air from the radiator fan away from the rider’s legs. There is a slightly reprofiled cowl and the triangular LED tail-light, same as the previous model at the rear. The new ZX-10R has a very splendid look! The 2021 ZX-10R is presented with 4 colour options – Lime Green, Ebony, Pearl Blizzard White, and Flat Ebony.

The New Features

The cockpit has a new TFT screen and Bluetooth connectivity. Four rides mode can be chosen using the buttons on the bar. Road features like cruise control and optional heated grips are offered. Riding modes offered are Sport, Road and Rain. The inertial measurement unit (IMU) and the five-level traction control are the other important features. Launch control, cornering ABS, engine brake control and cruise control which is new are the important other features of ZX-10R. Another new thing is the throttle position sensor in the throttle. Also, you can find a Bluetooth chip in the new instrument panel which uses Kawasaki’s Rideology app.

2021 kawasaki zx10r road test review

Kawasaki ZX10R Riding Experience

When you mount on the motorcycle, you can instantly realise that the riding position is such that it would be a tough job to spend even 1 hour on the saddle. This feeling is caused because the handlebar is at a pushed forward position by 10mm even though the clip-ons are a little more spread out to provide better leverage. The foot pegs are placed at a raised position by 5mm for more cornering clearance. It may be good for a racetrack but on the road, this bent position will leave its impact on your lower back, wrists and neck muscles which would be make you very tired. However, the performance of the Ninja ZX-10R is best to tackle Indian roads easily!

The new air-cooled oil-cooler helps consistent engine performance. The revised exhaust and ride-by-wire system helps throttle inputs. The first, second and third gears are shortened. A bigger rear sprocket, by two teeth, is introduced. The new ZX-10R is more tractable at city speeds. It manages the third gear at 30kph without any objection. The heat management in the congested traffic is perfect. The sheer performance that this engine packs can be felt and at 200hp+, the motorcycle seems to be a missile on wheels!

Kawasaki ZX10R Engine, Chassis And Performance

There are only minimal changes in the engine and chassis. The bike gets a better aerodynamic efficiency from H2 and the mechanicals have its origin from the WSBK winning race bike. There are plenty of things to be proud about the new Ninja.

The engine is very smooth like a typical Kawasaki but with new emissions norms. It makes less noise than before. The New 2021 ZX-10R is more friendly to starters when compared to most of its rivals. The engine has gotten geared to ensure acceleration. It is not overwhelming but safe to the tyres.


The Kawasaki could be controlled with three levels of adjustments. It facilitates by simply pressing the mode and then simultaneously select switches. It is one of the most affordable litre-class machines and also has all the electronics like launch control, lean-sensitive ABS, traction control, an electronic steering damper and customisable engine braking control. Quick-shifter is one of the best aspects. At slow engine speeds, clutchless shifts are not clunky. It is the most preferred bike by daily users.

Kawasaki ZX10R Specifications

Engine: 998 CC
Power of 203 PS @ 13200 rpm
torque of 114.9 Nm @ 11400 rpm.
Kerb weight: 207 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 17 L
Seat Height: 1185 mm

Price: Starts from 15.1 Lakh (Ex-showroom)

Are you impressed by the New 2021 Kawasaki ZX10R. Go ahead and make it yours!