2024 Cupra Tavascan Review

2024 Cupra Tavascan is expanding rapidly. As you’ll see, this Volkswagen group has found an avenue to put “Spanish anger” along with “automatic emotion” into vehicles. Consumers liked the brand’s initial journey by offering more aggressive versions of Viti.

In the current range of Cupry Leon and Formentor there are 150 horsepower 1.5 TSI engines, that aren’t a problem for any one. Cupra Tavascan 2023, an additional electric vehicle from the brand, is also scheduled to be joining the lineup.

It is one of the most valuable items in the sale. Why? It’s because the Cupra is moving towards complete electrification. An efficient and attractive car with a great drive is the ideal vehicle to reach this target.


2024 cupra tavascan review
2024 Cupra Tavascan

What’s new in 2024 Cupra Tavascan

  • Chopra’s first electric vehicle confirmed
  • It will look like the Cupra Tavascan concept
  • Expected distance of around 280 miles.
  • up to 306hp with dual electric motors
  • 0 to 62mph in 6.5 seconds
  • Minimalist interior
  • On sale in 2024

2024 Cupra Tavascan design

2024 cupra tavascan design
2024 Cupra Tavascan design

The Cupra Tavascan is yet to be released on the market However, Cupra has stated that it will look exactly like the concept vehicle depicted in these photos.

This means that the Tavascan will be impressive to look at because of the finer details like the headlights that are flamboyant as well as the sleek roofline. the full width rear lights in the rear of the car’s boot.

There will undoubtedly be certain features – such as the 22-inch wheel and the light-up Cupra badges – that will be reserved for the top cars. Even the entry-level Tavascan is likely to look more athletic than other models like the Volkswagen ID4 or Skoda Enyaq iV.

2024 Cupra Tavascan Interior

It’s extremely unlikely that the Cupra Tavascan concept’s interior (shonw above) will be able to make the transition between concept and road vehicle unaltered.

The basic layout will remain similar for the majority of the portion, but especially the massive central touchscreen and the digital instrument display and the style of the wheel.

It’s true that the Cupra Tavascan concept only has four seats, however it is possible for the final production model to have five seats.

Cupra hasn’t announced any dimensions of the interior regarding its Tavascan concept, but nevertheless, it is likely to be comparable in dimensions as those of VW ID4 or Skoda’s Enyaq iV, which means there’s likely to have plenty of space for passengers and luggage. The roofline’s slope will likely reduce rear headroom however.

2024 Cupra Tavascan performance and range

2024 cupra tavascan performance and range

The Tavascan concept came with the battery’s capacity of 77kWh and an endurance of 228 miles, in accordance with Cupra.

This battery also powered two electric motors (one controlling the front wheels, the other one for the rear wheels.) Together, they generated an impressive 306hp, which enabled the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph within 6.5 seconds.

The figures are similar to those of the coming Skoda Enyaq IV vRS. This car will share its motors and battery with the brand new Tavascan.

2024 Cupra Tavascan prices and release date

It’s best to wait in case you think the Cupra Tavascan sounds like the electric family SUV that you want because it’s not scheduled to show up in showrooms until 2024.

As it’s a way from being available for sale, there’s been no announcement yet about how much Cupra Tavascan will retail for. Cupra Tavascan will cost. Based on the prices of similar-sized electronic SUVs like the Volkswagen ID4 as well as the Skoda Enyaq, it’s possible that prices will be somewhere in the PS40,000 to PS50,000 range.

Engine and Battery from Cupra Tavascan

There are currently only details that Seat has published previously on Cupra Tavascan. Cupra Tavascan concept vehicle. The Cupra Tavascan concept vehicle is powered by two electric motors which produce a total output of 306 horsepower.

The electric SUV can go from zero to 100 km / hour within 6.5 seconds . Furthermore, the battery is 77 kilowatt-hours. was put in place that according to the manufacturer was designed to provide an endurance of 450 km.

Because the battery is located on its floor space, the car has an extremely low center of gravity that will have an impact on the driving style.

Thus, Spaniards will likely utilize an electric motor for the rear and front axles of the electric car during the most expansion stage. Battery components should be sourced from their own surroundings.

An environmentally sustainable value chain can make automakers more independent. Additionally the research being conducted at a rapid pace in the field of recycling techniques and reuse of rare earths like lithium or cobalt.

Following that Cupra Born based on the Volkswagen ID.3 , the Cupra Tavascan is already the first vehicle to utilize MEB, the MEB electrical kit, which is utilized throughout the group. The creation of electric vehicles within the group is feasible.