2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV Review

The 2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV all-electric SUV will share a platform with the Benz 3 EV. The new EV is made of better materials than other Mercedes SUVs and has a third row that can hold up to seven people.

The first to be equipped with Mercedes’ 56-inch Hyperscreen. It is dazzling, thanks to the huge glass panel across the dashboard. The Benz 3 EV lineup includes a rear-drive Benz EV480+ that can produce 355 horsepower and an all-wheel-drive Benz 3 EV with 536 horsepower. Both models will provide an estimated range of at least 300 miles.

2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV Prices, Release Date

The 2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV will be an all-electric SUV. It will come in two configurations, as we mentioned. The EQS450+ has one electric motor and costs $114,000. The Benz 3 EV+ comes with one electric motor and costs $114,000. However, the Benz 3 EV is more powerful and offers two electric motors. It starts at $130,000.

The BMW iX, an all-electric luxury SUV that starts at $80K for xDrive50, is a good example. 2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV sales will start later in 2023, most likely in September.

2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV Motor Specs

The new 2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV will have a similar electric powertrain to the sedan model, but it won’t be identical. An electric motor will power the EV450+, producing 335 horsepower.

An optional EV580 is available, which is more powerful. This model is capable of producing 536 horsepower and 633 lb-ft of torque. Two electric motors are attached to the front, rear, and all-wheel drive.

2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV Outside

2023 mercedes benz 3 ev outside

The 2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV has a 126.4-inch wheelbase. Its roof is almost 8 inches higher than the EV SUV, and its bumper-to-bumper measurement is 5 inches shorter. It is 3 to 6 inches shorter than the Land Rover Range Rover and BMW X7 in length. The electric powertrain’s packaging efficiency allows for expanded proportions and a greater focus on interior space. This is becoming a standard with EVs.

Overall, the luxury cruiser is large, with soft lines that lack the elegance and creases often found at this price point. Aerodynamics is responsible for at least some of the styling. Mercedes aims to reduce wind resistance with both the body and beneath the vehicle. Even the handles on the doors can be retracted to improve airflow, as with some other EVs.

To other motorists, the flat, large grille is the key indicator that this is an electric vehicle. The front of the EQS SUV’s SUV is very smooth, with no cooling engine. The black panel conceals radar, ultrasonic sensors, and a camera. These are all used to assist with active safety and parking features. Standard is a panoramic roof. It should give the interior more space.

2023 Mercedes Benz 3 EV Inside

2023 mercedes benz 3 ev inside

The interior’s story revolves around the MBUX hyper screen (optional on the base; standard on 580 4Matic). The MBUX Hyper screen is a three-screen screen that sits below a shared glass covering that covers almost the entire vehicle width. The central screen is 17.7 inches, and the passenger screen is 12.3 inches. This screen can also view entertainment while the SUV moves in other markets.

Two head-up displays can be added to provide additional information. The larger one has a color display area of 77 inches. This allows augmented reality to overlay data and navigational guidance on the view of the road ahead. Based on the ambient conditions, the screens automatically adjust their brightness.

MBUX 2 (Mercedes-Benz Users Experience) software is used in the infotainment system. MBUX’s unique promise is its ability to adapt to the driver and make personalized suggestions for entertainment, comfort, and vehicle functions. Mercedes claims that the system prioritizes key functions and makes suggestions over time.

It places them at a surface level, so you don’t have to go through menus. The updated system can also respond to voice commands in plain language. We can test the new MBUX by purchasing and driving our EQS SUV.

Dolby Atmos surround sound can be added to the audio. The system can also be upgraded to an audiophile-grade Burmester stereo with 15 speakers.

The system can be used by second-row passengers to interact with it, including input of destinations for the navigation system.

The EV SUV can hold up to seven people. Three of them are seated in the second row, while two more are in the third. The third-row seat can be folded flat to increase the rear cargo area. Rear heated seats are also available.

The cabin is covered in synthetic leather upholstery. It also features detailed stitching and wood trim in a variety of finishes.

A huge, three-stage HEPA filter (23x16inches) keeps the air clean. Mercedes claims it can trap 86% of viruses when it is new and 80 percent when it ages. The Air-Balance package can spray a special fragrance if there is still an unpleasant odor.

Some programs can help you relax further. For example, the Sounds of the Sea combines music soundscapes and surf with seagulls. It also uses synchronized air puffs to simulate breezes. Forest Glade with birdsong, rustling leaves, and Summer Rain are two other environments.

The Power Nap mode is the ultimate indulgence. It creates a cozy environment to catch some quick zzzs while parked. This includes a gentle seat massage, closed blinds, and circulating air.