2023 Ford Ranger Review: Release date and Design Specs

The 2023 Ford Ranger will be a popular choice in midsize pickup trucks and compete against the Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and Hyundai Santa Cruz. Brandon Ford, Tampa, FL, has the latest Ford Ranger.

Find out more about the Ford Ranger’s latest addition with a look at the release date and specifications for the 2023 Ford Ranger.

What’s new for the 2023 Ford Ranger?

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Truck enthusiasts highly anticipate the 2023 Ford Ranger due to its newly designed interior and exterior. It has the same dimensions and features as its predecessor but now comes with new LED headlights. The grille is larger on the front.

 The futuristic look of the headlights is achieved by their minimalist design. The exterior features of the Ford Maverick and the Ford F-150 styling elements are present, making the vehicle look sharp and modern.

How much does the 2023 Ford Ranger cost?

The Ford Ranger lineup starts at $53,990 for a 4×2 Biturbo diesel pickup and rises to $59190 for the extended cab 4×4 pickup and $61,190 for the dual-cab pickup 4×4.

The price of the V6 increases to $62,290 for the 4×4 dual cab chassis and $64,190 for the 4×4 double-cab pickup.

The V6 dual-cab pickup competes directly with the Toyota HiLux SSR5+ automatic ($63180). It also competes with the Isuzu Dmax X-Terrain Crew Cab (64,990 drive-away), Mazda BT-50SP (63,390), and Nissan Navara PRO-4X (60,490).

Although the XLT may not be the Ranger’s top-spec model, it is comparable to top-spec competitors.

2023 Ford Ranger 

  • 4×2 dual cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT: $53,990
  • 4×4 Extended Cab Pickup, 2.0 Bi-turbo Diesel, 10AT: $59,000.
  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT: $61,190
  • 4×4 dual cab chassis, 3.0 V6 diesel, 10AT: $62,290
  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 3.0 V6 diesel, 10AT: $64,190

When will the 2023 Ford Ranger be available?

Brandon Ford will receive the next-generation 2023 Ford Ranger in the Fourth quarter of 2023. The 2023 Ford Ranger will be available in Extended Cab or Super Crew Cab body styles, with 6-foot- and 5-foot bed options.

2023 ford ranger design

The Ranger’s front and distinctive C-shaped LED DRLs are similar to the compact Maverick truck. The 2023 Ford Ranger was the show’s main attraction and the default physique configuration for this facet.

The gray trim in the lower bumper connects to the meshed grille and keeps it distinctive. Ford claims that the matrix LEDs are intelligent. Ford Ranger has a surround-view camera.

It is easy to avoid blind spots while backing up or parallel parking, making it simple to prevent them from happening. Pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, and parking sensors are all current.

Exterior of 2023 Ford Ranger

The 2023 Ford Ranger is a strong Ford F-150. The body is smaller than its larger brother and features large headlights, C-Clamp LED daytime run lights, and a Clamp LED nighttime running light. The front fascia is bold, athletic, and sporty, with a hint of sportiness.

It’s easy to see the familiar Ranger body lines in the new interaction. Ford did a great job with this, as you only have so many options with pickup trucks. We liked the addition of a side step at the rear quarter to allow for easier access to the cargo area at the back.

The rear is now adorned with a new design. First, you’ll notice that the word “Ranger” no longer appears on a sticker but is now part of the tailgate. Its new LED taillights will be noticed as well as its aggressive bumper.

These and many other elements give the pickup truck an aggressive and tough appearance that was not present in the previous model.

Interior of 2023 Ford Ranger

The 2023 Ford Ranger’s cabin is an improvement from its predecessor. The cabin has more vertical elements, and everything is easy to reach. The vehicle has a luxurious feel and a lot of soft-touch materials. The dashboard is large and flat, which makes it easy to see everything around.

The 12-inch portrait-style touchscreen is the main feature of the cabin. However, Ford has done a fantastic job of incorporating the premium feel of the F-150 into the Ranger’s interior.

You feel like you’re driving an F-150, which is great. You can see this even more in the door handles, which are now grip-type rather than the pull-type you used to see on the old model.

Overall, it is a significant improvement on the previous version and well ahead of its competition. Ford has set a high standard for the competition, particularly with ford rangers. We can’t wait until Ford launches the Raptor.

2023 Ford Ranger Trims & Features

The vertical touchscreen, which sits on the dashboard, is one of the most innovative features of the Ford Ranger. The driver can also use the digital instrument cluster.

2023 ford ranger trims & features

There are many chrome elements on the exterior and quad exhausts with chrome tips. The car’s elegant design will be enhanced by a sunroof, allowing for better sky views. The roof racks at the vehicle’s top allow you to pack items and move them around.

2023 Ford Ranger Horsepower

The 2023 Ford Ranger will likely have a plug-in hybrid powertrain option to boost its economy. Experts recommend it should be capable of generating an average of 300 horsepower.

 This will allow it to pick up speed without being restricted by its small size. This model is more capable of off-roading and won’t hesitate to tackle steep inclines or play in the mud. The pickup truck should have a minimum weight of 3,500 pounds.

2023 Ford Ranger Safety

The Ford Ranger’s surround-view camera makes it possible to avoid blind spots while backing up and parallel parking. There is pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assistance, and parking sensors.

2023 ford ranger safety

The most advanced active safety feature in the cabin is adaptive cruise control. This feature allows the vehicle to adjust its speed automatically to avoid being too close to other cars.

The large windows make the vehicle appear larger and more intimidating. However, they also allow the driver to see the surrounding area better.

What Powers the 2023 Ford Ranger? 

We have highlighted both engine options for the 2022 Ford Ranger below.

  Ford Ranger Bi-Turbo Ford Ranger V6
Engine 2.0-litre bi-turbo-diesel 4-cylinder 3.0-litre turbo-diesel V6
Maximum Power 154kW @ 3750 rpm 184kW @ 3,250 rpm
Maximum Torque 500Nm @ 1750 rpm 600Nm @ 1,750 rpm
Kerb Weight 2295kg 2353kg
Payload 985kg 997kg
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) 3280kg 3350kg
Gross Combined Mass (GCM) 6350kg 6400kg

FAQ About: 2023 Ford Ranger

What is the 2023 Ford Ranger?

Although the current Ford Ranger is only available in the United States since 2019, it has been in production in other parts of the world since much earlier. Ford plans to make a new Ranger for the model year 2023.

 Although the redesigned Ranger has just been published, it is the global version. This means that not all parts of the vehicle will be available in the U.S.

All interior photos of the new Ranger are right-hand drives and were created in Australia. The details of the Ranger American spec are still being worked out, but most of what you see here should be available for purchase.

What’s under the 2023 Ford Ranger hood?

The Ranger’s current engine is a turbocharged, 2.3-liter four-cylinder with a 10-speed automatic. The 2023 Ranger will likely keep the same engine and transmission combination.

Three diesel engines are the only powertrains currently available for the Ranger global. Still, there are very few chances they will be available in the United States.

Ford stated that the larger engine bay in the new Ranger “helps to future-proof” the Ranger for alternative propulsion technologies.

How’s the 2023 Ford Ranger interior?

The interior of the 2023 Ranger is quite a departure from the truck’s current model, which is very good news. The interior is entirely new and looks both functionally and purposefully designed.

The HVAC controls can be used with gloves, as they are physically located. Ford claims that the center console is clear and clutter-free. The cubby under the armrest is also spacious, as you would expect from a pickup.

There are also a few USB ports and a wireless charging pad. Overall, we are impressed by the interior space. However, we will wait to drive the Ranger before we make a final judgment.

What’s the 2023 Ford Ranger tech?

A portrait-oriented infotainment screen is located in the center of the display. It’s similar to the one found in the 2023 Ford Ranger.

A new digital driver display is also available that looks similar to what we have seen in other Ford products. We don’t know what other technologies are on the horizon, but we will have more information closer to next year’s U.S. launch.