2023 BMW CE 04 Review- Specifications, Prices, and Features

The 2023 BMW CE 04 electric scooter was launched at the time of its launch. The brand new CE-04 electric vehicle, BMW, declared that no new gasoline-powered vehicles would come out within “the “urban mobility sector.

But before we get involved in the discussion, let’s concentrate on the primary issue–BMW’s awesome-looking brand-new CE 04.

However, the “04” in the name is a reference at the bike of 400cc it’s targeted at and BMW suggests there could be a CE 02 and possibly a CE 02 and maybe a CE 06 in the pipeline.

Bmw ce 04 scooter

 How Much Does the 2023 BMW CE 04 Cost?

The full-power version of the 2023 BMW CE 04 is PS11,700. However, as with all BMWs, our test vehicle included a couple of additional features that pushed the price to $13,930.

The speed charger (PS850), the city Pack (PS780), the Dynamic Pack (PS380), and the Avant-Garde design (PS220).

The price has decreased since the old C-Evolution was released; however, at PS11,700 in standard trim, that’s quite a sum.

You don’t need to pay for gas, and if you can connect your work-related device, the C 400 X is entirely free on CE-04. However, BMW’s highly-rated, gasoline-consuming C 400 X starts at only PS6250, which is less than half the cost we tested on our bike.

BMW’s C 400 X is more expensive to operate and isn’t as stylish of style, class, and kudos; however, it’s still less expensive. BMW’s 400 GT is priced at less than PS7000. If you’re focusing on cost, the Honda Forza 350 is just PS5459.

To make it more plausible, This is an example of how a PCP deal could appear as:

Cash Price


Customer Deposit

£2,951.26 (25%)


35 Months

Monthly Payment£137.94
Annual miles


Optional final repayment


Power and Torque of 2023 BMW CE 04

2023 BMW CE 04 has utilized the latest technology and know-how of its four-wheel division. They use identical lithium-ion batteries that are used within BMW’s, BMW iX, and i4. The CE 04 has a maximum power output of 42HP (31KW) in the A2 version.

The stated maximum speed of 120kph (75mph) is similar on both A1 and A2 versions; however, the acceleration is significantly different.

The model we tested was the fully-powered version with 42hp with a 0-50kph (0-31mph) with a time of 2.6 seconds, and 100kph 0-100kph (0-60mph) within 9.1 seconds. This is one fast scooter.

The lithium-ion battery is recharged from a standard home socket, from empty to full in four hours and 20 minutes, or with an extra rapid charger (6.9kw) in just 1 hour and 40 minutes.

A charge between 20% and 80% takes only 45 minutes using the speedy charger, or one hour and 40 minutes with a standard regular charger.

Fast charging for 45 minutes equates to a lunch break of a few minutes or a lengthy coffee break as you upload pictures of your unique 2023 BMW CE 04 to the ‘gram. The A1 version, which has less power, will take less time for charging.

When fully charged, the battery’s capacity is 130km (80 miles), but it will vary based on the type of ride you choose, as well as the riding mode you select.

There are three options to select from in the standard configuration, each featuring an alternative Re-gen (recharge the battery while at a full-throttle, such as engine brakes) and a dynamic model.

How Does the 2023 BMW CE 04 Ride?

With its bold style and sleek design, if your experience includes motorcycles before, particularly 2023 BMW CE 04, you’ll get a pleasant feeling of familiarity once you ride CE 04. CE 04.

The controls for the handlebars and the TFT display feel as if they belong on a 2023 BMW CE 04 motorcycle which makes it easy to hop on and choose your rider mode, use your phone to control navigation and music as well, as (important for colder cities) adjust the heat of the grip to a suitable degree.

There’s also a traditional engine starter switch, where you’d expect to find it on the right side of the handlebar to turn on the motor and prepare the bike to go out on the road.

After a simple click, we’re off to the Barcelona traffic, which is smooth, quiet, and with an eerie sci-fi film style. It’s a city full of scooters fighting for space at every junction, and sidewalks are filled with all types and sizes of twist-and-go transportation.

Everywhere we ride, necks get strained, and glasses are lowered to get an unobstructed view of the sleek, vibrant new 2023 BMW CE 04 as it speeds effortlessly into the city sprawl.

2023 BMW CE 04 is effortless to ride with a smooth, consistent reaction from the throttle, letting you glide along with the traffic or blaze through every gap and disappear from each stoplight.

The three riding modes standard (Eco, Rain, and Road) allow you to tune the speed of response, how fast the bike accelerates using the throttle, and how fast it slows down when you close the throttle.

The deceleration you get when you have the closed throttle is utilized to charge the battery, which means the higher the power you set this to it, the more power you will be able to recover through this motor and not have to worry about the brakes.

In town, the power generated by an electric motor will be enough to get past traffic and get the first to leave each light.

Although the 2023 BMW CE 04 isn’t pitched as the ultimate highway bike, we did some short stretches on more aggressive roads and could cruise along at speeds of 70 miles per hour.

On the basic bike, upper-body wind protection isn’t the best; however, a high-screen version is available, as well as an adjustable, comfortable seat that is heated (one of the six-seat choices) as well as heated grips for the handlebars as well as adaptive lighting that lights up the interior of the turn when you lean forward.

Visually, what makes 2023 BMW CE 04 is its length–no doubt enhanced by the low and flat sides of the design. With 65.9 inches, the wheelbase is quite large and has several knock-on consequences.

The good thing is that it’s extremely comfortable and offers plenty of ways to move around in the long bench seat.

It’s also very steady at corners and when you come across potholes or speed bumps. When you’re making a long sweeping turn or lap roundabouts is where the length is evident.

Trying to create an even line requires some effort. The length has never been an issue if you’re zigzagging around stationary traffic.

The slim CE 04 squeezes through where the normal maxi-scooter is scraping fenders. The small center of gravity can make controlling the speed easy.

In addition, if you have to reverse, you can change the bike using a reverse feature that is activated by a switch in the bars that’s simple to use and operate.