Toyota Echo + Prius Engine = Sounding Track Monster?



The most unlikely engine change resulted in an inexpensive track vehicle that sounds terrific and rocks on the track.

After serving its purpose as a light commuter vehicle mill, the Toyota Prius engine has a lot more potential than just being a door stop.

Toyota Echo doesn't sound like most people anticipate it to, and there's a reason for it.

The basic 1.3-liter engine was removed, however it was not replaced with a sporty 4AGE Atlantic engine or a Toyota MR-2 3S-FE engine.

Instead, van der Haas chose the 1NZFXE from a 2016 Toyota Prius.

Connected the engine to a gearbox he purchased for $120. (also from the local junk yard)

The ITBs, along with an unique tune, allow the engine to spin up to 9,000 rpm, which explains the magnificent noises it emits.

Van der Haas proudly said that his Echo's greatest quarter-mile time is a 13.49 at 99 mph.