Toyota bZ5X Review 2024



The upcoming Toyota bZ5X is an electric SUV that will be larger in size than the existing bZ4X that’s set to go on sale soon.

Toyota bZ5X 


The bZ5X, which has a third row of seats, will be Toyota's three-row gas-powered Highlander companion vehicle.

What's New

A sedan and additional crossover models will be part of the bZ line.

The one-size-up bZ5X, which has a similar eye-catching, futuristic design to the bZ4X, is likely to offer a roomier cabin with more legroom.

It's safe to assume that the BZ5X will be available with single- and dual-motor configurations that produce more than 200 horsepower.

Given that the bZ4X has a stated range of 250 miles, the larger EV's batteries should provide at least 200 miles of travel.

We presumptively have a standard FWD setup with an available AWD.

Although we haven't seen the inside yet, we can expect it to look similar to the bZ4X's and have similar trim levels in terms of equipment.