Top 10 Heaviest Cars  


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The Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser weighs 2449 kg which is much more than a regular car.

video - MZ Car World

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Bentley Continental Flying Suppur weighs 2474 kg

Bentley Continental Flying Spur


The weight of Rolls-Royce Phantom is 2484 kg.

Rolls-Royce Phantom


Bentley Continental T weighs 2494 kg

Bentley Continental T

VIDEO-nomadic hippie

It has svelte lines, a smooth ride, and is more of a station waggon than an SUV.


Volkswagen Tourareg W12

Rolls-Royce Hub weighs 2609 kg but looks gorgeous

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Rolls-Royce EWB

This Car Weighs 2634 kg but it comes with jumbo engine.

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Audi Q7 V12

This Bently Azure is 2694 kg heavy and comes with a 365 hp engine.

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Bentley Azure

This Lamborghini Comes With a heavy engine and weighs 2687 kg

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Lamborghini LM002

This Comes With Heavy V8 Engine And Weighs 2700 Kg.

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Bentley Brooklands