Nissan Z Proto 2023: Review

It is transformed by radical technological and style changes and, of course, the massive increase in performance.

Nissan Z Proto 


Orange Lightning

It also comes with a new Z car and an updated infotainment system, and first-ever active-safety features (even in manual models). Old-fashioned fun is the theme.

Nissan Z Proto 

Design & comfort

The Nissan Z Proto 2023 form is well-known, and it is very similar to the previous 370Z model.


The taillights are a nod to 1989’s Z32, and some of the more boxy parts are reminiscent of the 300ZX from 1983 and 2002’s 350Z.


The Z interior is more modest and less luxurious than Supra’s. However, it is still attractive and has the added benefit of a splash of color.


It’s a good thing that Nissan offered a 400-hp rear-wheel-drive sports car isn’t something to take as a given.