2022 Byton M-Byte Review


By autogos.com

September 27, 2022

The M-Byte SUV a truly international endeavour that the fledgling automaker hopes to make an impression in the high-end EV market.

Byton M-Byte


The M-Byte features an impressive 48-inch curved infotainment display, a competitive all-electric driving range, and ground-breaking interior technologies.

Byton M-Byte

EV Motor

All-wheel-drive vehicles have two electric motors with a combined 402 horsepower, while rear-wheel-drive models have a single 268-hp electric motor.


According to Byton, a single-motor rear-wheel-drive configuration can reach 62 mph in 7.5 seconds, but a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain can do it in just two seconds.


Although there are textures with diamond patterns throughout the cabin, the M-showpiece Byte's is its front seats.

Battery Life

versions will use a 72 kWh battery pack, whereas more premium models will include a 95 kWh unit.

Fuel Economy

Closer to the M-release Byte's date, we hope to get the opportunity to drive it on our 200-mile highway fuel efficiency test route.


According to Byton, the smaller battery pack has a WLTP driving range of up to 224 miles, while the larger 95-kWh battery has a range of up to 286 miles.