Bollinger B1 Review, Specs



Although the boxy Bollinger B1 SUV may resemble classic gas-powered off-road vehicles from the past, had it been produced

Bollinger B1 


Orange Lightning

The payload capacity was listed as 5201 pounds, and the towing capacity as a strong 7500 pounds.

Bollinger B1 

What's New

The Ariya is claimed to have a driving range of up to 300 miles, but only when outfitted with the larger 87.0-kWh battery pack and the optional dual-front/rear-motor drive system.

Ev Motor

The B1 would have featured two electric motors one located at the front axle and another driving the rear which would have combined to make 614 horsepower.


To make room for more cargo, the rear seats collapsed, then flipped up against the side windows of the SUV.


All-wheel drive was slated to be standard and Bollinger estimated a 4.5-second zero-to-60-mph time.