Are Wheel Spacers Safe Enough



Wheel Spacers

BMW wheel spacers push your wheels and tyres outward for a more aggressive "fats" look, improved lateral stability, and handling.

Kinds of Wheel Spacers

Fitting larger or even completely different brakes to your vehicle may result in clearance issues with your stock wheels.

Prime Quality Development Spacers

When it comes to wheel adapters and spacers, structural flaws and parts that are even slightly out of round can result in catastrophic accidents.


You can choose the ideal spacing for your utility by choosing from a range of wheel spacer bar lengths.

Hub centric wheel spacers

Your rear axle will benefit greatly from having wheel spacers added because they increase lateral stability and provide the necessary "insurance" in case you unintentionally find yourself in a precarious situation.

Bolt Hole Pattern

Wheel spacers result in the alignment of your vehicle's wheels when installed properly.

Finest Automotive Paints

To torque the 19mm shallow lugnuts to 100ft/lbs for the front wheels, you will need a friend to help you lower the brakes.