9 of the World’s Biggest Vehicles


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These enormous space shuttle carriers, which measure 39,929 metres in length and 34,747 metres in width,

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214,88 metres long, 94,79 metres long, and 41276,9 tonnes in weight

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Bagger 288

The cargo capacity of this type is 345 tonnes.

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Caterpillar 797B

It can carry a payload of 408.233 tonnes.

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BelAZ 75710

This massive truck is around 50 tonnes in weight.

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Dodge Power Wagon

It was constructed to get access to new offshore natural gas reserves.

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Prelude FLNG

With a length of 83,82 metres and a weight of 285 tonnes

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Antonov an-225 Mriya

A height of 7,620 metres and a 363-ton payload capacity

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Liebherr T282B

width of 8,6 metres, a height of 10,175 metres

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Bucyrus RH400