2023 OPEL Astra GSE Review



In an effort to transition Opel to all-electric operation by the year 2028, GSe is launching a new sub-brand for Opel that will concentrate on sporty electrified models.

Two versions of the Astra GSe, a hatchback and a wagon, debut with model-specific outputs from their shared hybrid drivetrains.

In a more conventional Astra PHEV, a 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol four-cylinder engine is already present, but in this model, the hybrid system and petrol engine work together to produce 165kW and 360Nm.

However, the GSe will have different chassis tuning from its stablemates, including a stiffer chassis and a suspension setup that is 10mm lower.

The kit includes particular spring rates and Koni dampers that are filled with oil, and the ESP settings are also changed to enable more dynamic driving.

The special modifications for the GSe additionally feature a pair of 18-inch wheels designed after Opel's vintage Manta GSe "ElektroMod" idea.

The Opel Commodore GS/E, a vehicle that first went into production in 1967, had the "Grand Sport Einspritzung" (or Grand Sport Injection in English) badge that inspired the name of the GSe badge.

In order to better suit the future, opel changed the meaning of the label significantly, and it now stands for "Grand Sport electric" in English.

We're envious of the sporty hatchback 2023 Opel Astra GSe.

Full Specifications are yet to arrive. Don't worry we will update you about that