2023 Audi A6 Allroad Review


By autogos.com

To build the 2023 A6 Allroad, Audi included an adjustable air suspension, tough aesthetic influences, and a station waggon shape.

Audi A6 Allroad 


Orange Lightning

The A6 Allroad can travel farther than the ordinary A6 thanks to its higher ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive.

Audi A6 Allroad 

What's New 

The largest station waggon made by Audi is unaltered from the previous year's version.


A 3.0-liter V-6 turbocharged engine with 335 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque powers the A6 Allroad.


The interior of the A6 Allroad is similar to that of the base model A6 sedan in that it is streamlined, contemporary, and expertly made from premium materials.


Despite having the same powertrain, the A6 Allroad turned out to be a little slower than the A6 sedan. Still, it was able to reach 60 mph in 5.2 seconds.