2022 Triumph Speed Twin Review

In the event of repeating my own words, 2022 Triumph Speed Twin has the modern classic look nailed with every model better than the previous.

Triumph Speed Twin 


Orange Lightning

With its black and white logo, the Speed Twin is the perfect blend of traditional with a hint of modern.

Triumph Speed Twin


The shiny black tank in our test model was accented by silver and matt black effects throughout but without any unnecessary chrome.

Triumph Speed Twin


There’s nothing as thrilling as a wild, scenic excursion to get rid of the dust that has settled in spring, and for the final day of this time with each other,


The Pirelli Rosso Corsa 3-clad 17 inch seven-spoke cast-aluminum wheels were nimble on the frozen asphalt (especially when warmed up).

 It’s comfortable within the range of revs, with plenty of torque available with a smooth 70mph speed in sixth gear,


When the 2022 Triumph Speed Twin arrived immediately after an experience on BMW’s R NineT, I was eager to run it through its tests.