Hyundai Alcazar Review – First Drive Experience

The new Hyundai Alcazar is based on the megahit Hyundai Creta but differs from it in many ways including size, space, features and seating capacity. Read our Hyundai Alcazar review to know about all those details.

Hyundai alcazar review
Hyundai Alcazar Important Features

1. Hyundai Alcazar is a 3-row 6/7 seat imitative of the Hyundai Creta.
2. Engine options include 2.0-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel with both transmission options namely, manual and automatic.
3. The price(ex-showroom) of Hyundai Alcazar ranges from Rs 16.30 lakh to Rs 20 lakh.

SUV Market Trend

Over the last few years, the growth in the SUV market has gone high and hence, the competition between the companies is also high. All companies have added new features to their mid-sized SUV portfolios. One thing that they all have done is that they have converted their SUVs from 2-row seating to 3-row seating vehicles with increased seating capacities from 5 to 6 and/or 7.

Hyundai Alcazar 7-seater

If Hyuandai Alcazar had wheelbase similar to Hyundai Creta, it would have been difficult to accommodate the third row and there would be no adequate space for knee room for the people occupying the middle row of seats. Therefore Hyundai extended the wheelbase on the Alcazar giving it the longest wheelbase. The length of Hyundai Alcazar at 4,500mm is 200mm longer than Hyundai Creta. The Creta has a sloping roofline while the Alcazar does not have. So, there is adequate headroom for passengers in the third row of Alcazar as well.

Hyundai Alcazar: Design and Style

Even though the Alcazar is based on Creta, the similarities are just at the front end. The grille, the front bumper and the fog lamp surrounds differ although they look the same in shape and size. Skid plates are available in the front and the rear. The side profile demonstrates that Alcazar is just another SUV with three rows of seats but more spacious and completely different from the previous generation SUVs.

Many vehicles keep the sides same as before when converting them from 2-row to 3-row seating but in Alcazar, the height of the front door has been increased and design of the rear door has also been changed. An additional window for the third row of seats is also provided. The Creta is sleek and sporty but Alcazar is big and can carry more people!

At the rear, fenders are provided. The rear is totally different. There are LED tail lamps which give a stunningly good look. The wheels of Alcazar are of 18in as opposed to 17in wheels of Creta. The larger wheels suit the increased size of the vehicle.

Hyundai Alcazar: Interiors

Hyundai has given a Cognac brown interior trim which offers a premium look. Especially it looks very good at night with one of the 64 ambient light colours. The layout is similar to Creta but with some changes and a lot of additions in terms of new features and systems. The infotainment system screen is same. The instrument panel is updated to 10.25in screen which is customizable with two digital dials allowing displays for the blind view camera monitors for use of the indicator. The rearview mirrors have a camera on either side which help generate the surround-view which could be seen on the central infotainment screen and also the front and rear views.

The front seats are comfortable but the real unique selling proposition of the Alcazar is from the second row of seats which are available as either 2 captain seats or as 3-seater bench. The backs of the front seats have a fold-out table with a cup holder as well as a slot for tablets for the rear seat passengers to use. Wireless phone chargers are available at the front and the rear centre arm-rests.

It is easy to get in to the third row of Hyundai Alcazar. The second row is one touch tip and tumble which can be tumbled with one motion itself. Getting in is easy with the help of side step and there is additional space behind the floor console between the two captain’s seats. The second row is not so comfortable for adults but is good for children or short people.

Hyundai Alcazar Engine Options

The Alcazar has two engine options. The first option is 2-litre Nu engine, the 3rd generation version of petrol engine used on Tucson and Elantra with 159bhp of max power and 191Nm of peak torque. Hyundai assures certified fuel efficiency of over 14kmpl for both the automatic and manual 6-speed transmissions. The diesel engine is the same 1.5-litre CRDipowerplant used on Creta and many other cars in the Hyundai range. The max power and peak torque are the same as on Creta at 115bhp and 250Nm, but the gearboxes provide good acceleration, driveability and fuel efficiency. It has a certified fuel economy of 20.4kmpl for manual and 18.1kmpl for automatic transmissions.

Hyundai Alcazar Driving Experience

The driving gives you a smooth experience. The engine gets a little rough at the top end but as it comparatively has a large displacement, torque is enough with no need to rev the engine too hard. Without a full load of passengers with just one person on board, we can drive the petro engine Alcazar well, although you cannot compare the ride with a ride in Creta which is more sport. But for slow and steady driving, Alcazar is just fine. As it has large wheels with low profile tyres, the suspension has to work a bit hard on bad roads as there is minimal bump absorption from the tyres.

Hyundai Alcazar: Connected Car upgraded
Hyundai Alcazar has the most advanced Blue Link system and additional voice commands and functions. It can perform things like opening and closing the sun-roof and rolling down the side glasses. With air map update, it will greet you on each of your new journeys.

Hyundai Alcazar: Verdict
The Alcazar fits in between the Creta and the Tucson with respect to pricing. Although it has 3 rows of seats, it is not a full-sized SUV. Alcazar has advanced features and assistance systems and good interiors. It is not a 6/7 seater but a 4/5+2 seater. If it fits your bill, then the Alcazar would be the best vehicle for you to drive home!

Hyundai Alcazar review: Specifications
Variant: Hyundai Alcazar 2.0-litre petrol AT
Engine: 1,999cc four-cyl NA petrol
Power: 159bhp@6,500rpm
Max torque: 191Nm@4,500rpm
Gearbox: 6-speed torque converter
LxWxH: 4,500×1,790×1,675mm
Wheelbase: 2,760mm
Boot space: 180 litres (all rows up)

Hyundai Alcazar Price
Hyundai Alcazar is priced between Rs 16.3 and 20 Lakh (ex-showroom in India).