2023 Maruti Baleno Review

2023 Maruti Baleno is on the rolling this year. After a slow start, Maruti Suzuki launched its third car on the Indian market, the latest-generation Baleno. While it might not appear like there are a lot of changes to the new generation Baleno but it’s an entirely new car that was constructed from scratch!

It is equipped with a brand new platform, new features, better looks, and a few mechanical tweaks. We tested both the AGS and the manual version of the brand new Baleno, and here are our thoughts.

What’s New in 2023 Maruti Baleno 

  • It’s 2023 Maruti Baleno is a brand new model and is not a minor facelift.
  • The brand new Baleno is available in just gasoline guise. AMT is also offered.
  • The Alpha versions are priced at about 8.99 lakhs for the MMT and 9.49 lakhs for AMT. (ex-showroom prices)

2023 Maruti Baleno : Interior Design

  • Talk about the exterior features
  • Sticker on the front
  • Rear skirting
  • Side skirting
  • Moldings for the bodyside

The car manufacturer has provided lots of space in the car to be distinguished from the crowd. The car’s rear portion offers ample space for passengers to rest their delays. It comes with a fresh dashboard layout, and the functional keys mounted on the steering are a breeze to use the music system and the connectivity to mobile devices. The Baleno comes with two airbags, which are standard on every variant.

The Baleno is an uncluttered and simple clutter design. However, there’s a downside which is the poor quality of construction. The models come with all-black dashboards, with a two-dimensional music system, and seats that are black as well. When it comes to the quality of the material is used in the Baleno, it is just like that of Maruti Swift. The door pads ‘ material looks like plastic.

Instrument Panels:

 Baleno’s most powerful version Alpha comes with a brand new instrument console with a TFT display in a color that shows the power output, torque, and efficiency of fuel.

Comfort Zone:

 To add to the comfort it offers. Maruti Baleno comes with adjustable front seats equipped with adequate headroom and legroom. It has enough space for six-footers. The rear feat arrangement is excellent as the surface is flat and has sufficient shoulder width to accommodate two adults and a child.

2023 Maruti Baleno Engine and Mileage

2023 Maruti Baleno Powertrain: Baleno Facelift now gets a BS 6 compatible petrol engine, and diesel powertrain configuration is similar to BS4. The petrol version is driven by the 1.2-liter of natural-aspirated power (84PS or 120Nm) and is maintained in a manual 5-speed motor or CVT.

The new 1.2-liter twinjet gasoline engine equipped with the lightweight hybrid system is available in select models using manuals only 5 speeds. Petrol engine boasts an efficiency of 21.4kmpl, and the new Dualjet petrol-light hybrid engine boasts 23.87kmpl performance.

In diesel models, 1.3 liters turbocharged motor (75PS or 90Nm) is available from Fiat. It’s available only with 5-speed MT. It is also the most cost-effective option with an efficiency estimate of 27.39kmpl.

2023 Maruti Baleno Features

Standards are provided by the safety features of the base version, including Dual Airbags ABS-EBD. The vehicle offers an unobstructed view of the road during nighttime riding since it has projector headlamps equipped with DRL.

Also, there is the option for UV cut glasses. The reason for this promises that it will block UV rays from entering the cabin as high as 85percent. The Multi-Information Display is also quite distinctive with this particular model, and it is modified to include a variety of features. Additionally, numerous options are offered, including Telescopic & Telescopic Steering, Push Button Start, Reverse Camera, and auto Dimming IRVM.

2023 Maruti Baleno Engine and Performance

It’s a Baleno is now a brand-new model. Baleno is now equipped with the same K-Series Dual Jet Dual VVT engine as on the Swift and Dzire. The gearbox options include the manual five-speed that we’re using here and the five-speed automatic transmission replacing the previous car’s CVT gearbox.

The current power figures are nearly 89bhp as well as 113Nm torque. At 955kg, the most powerful MT version, The Baleno, is still a light vehicle, and it is evident. The acceleration is quick, and the engine doesn’t like being slamming around and revs smoothly to 6000rpm.

2023 Maruti Baleno Safety

The Head-Up Display is on display in the premium segment of the hatch in the very first time.

There’s a major push for security from Maruti Suzuki on the new Baleno. There are plenty of options you’ll like, for instance, the first being that Maruti Suzuki is offering six airbags on the Baleno at a minimum on the top two models, and that’s fantastic.

The Head-Up Display also provides a wealth of data, including actual speed, time of the gear’s position, fuel efficiency in real-time, and so on. It can also be adjusted to increase its brightness and angle or completely shut down.

Therefore, no matter how tall your seat is, you’ll view the HUD always. Additionally, there’s the 360-view camera, another great feature of this vehicle. It is a great help when getting the vehicle in small spots and also when driving in traffic-jammed roads, it really can be beneficial.

360-view camera can be a very useful feature of the 2022 Baleno.

The 360-view camera and the head-up display are available only for the most expensive Alpha model of the vehicle. However, ISOFIX baby seat mounts, as well as dual airbags, are available on the latest Baleno as well as ESP that includes hill-hold is offered on all AMTs as well as on Alpha manual models.


There are seven variants to pick from, three from which AGS.

The Baleno range starts at 6.35 lakh and increases until 9.49 lakh, including showroom—these seven variants to pick from. Three of them are AGS. The two main competitors in the market are the Hyundai I20, and the Tata Altroz come with both Petrol and Diesel engines, and the Baleno is a petrol-only model.

The prices of the i20 Petrol range between Rs 6.98 lakh and Rs 11.47 lakh, while the Altroz Petrol has priced between a range of Rs 5.99 lakh and the price of 9.39 lakh. However, keep in mind that both cars come with Turbo Petrol options.

Driving Experience

The Baleno has the 1.2-liter four-cylinder DualJet K12N engine that was previously available. However, it’s an updated version. Maruti Suzuki officials say that the heads of the cylinders have been replaced, and they’ve also added an idle-start feature in addition.

This motor can now produce 90hp and 113Nm torque and has a claimed fuel efficiency of 22.35kpl on the manual or 22.94kpl in the case of an AMT. Maruti Suzuki has also strengthened the structural integrity of the Baleno and added 55 kg to its overall weight.

It’s not the only thing they’ve done for safety. the upgraded premium hatchback is now equipped with at least six airbags, which will be more comfortable for most. Also, there are the new 14-inch disc brakes on the front wheels. 

They certainly give the Baleno more control in terms of stopping power. In addition, the suspension is revamped to enhance the ride’s performance, and I must admit, it seems to be translating smoothly when on the open road. But what is it about the AGS?


The new 2023 Maruti Baleno It was a great job by Maruti Suzuki. They’ve listened to customers and made plenty of significant modifications that have changed the vehicle. The new Baleno is faster, more comfortable, and receives an A

unch of important features added.