2022 Triumph Speed Twin Review: Specifications, Prices, and Features

The 2022 Triumph Speed Twin has the best engine, chassis, and brakes in the Bonneville family, but can its performance-oriented modern design work well with its classic style?

2022 Triumph Speed Twin Review: Specifications, Prices, And Features

2022 Triumph Speed Twin Specs:

Manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Wheelbase 1,430 mm (56 in)
Dimensions W : 760 mm (30 in). H : 1,110 mm (44 in)
Seat height 807 mm (31.8 in)
Weight 196 kg (432 lb). (dry)

Design of 2022 Triumph Speed Twin

In the event of repeating my own words, 2022 Triumph Speed Twin has the modern classic look nailed with every model better than the previous. With its black and white logo, the Speed Twin is the perfect blend of traditional with a hint of modern.

This is why it is cool everywhere and everything from a dirty gas station to a picturesque view. I was looking at my shoulder each time I left.

The shiny black tank in our test model was accented by silver and matt black effects throughout but without any unnecessary chrome. Two-tone tank paint designs are available (for an additional PS350); however, the standard option is more appealing.

Pipes that sweep upwards are finished beneath twin shocks, creating the bike an exquisite look from the front and the rear. Moreover, its design is clean and clean.

Although Triumph’s classic line-up is a little confusing with so many options available, the Speed Twin is – to my eyes – one of the most appealing options, coupled perhaps to other models like the Thruxton RS and the Scrambler 1200. It’s more practical than the other three models.

Performance and Handling of 2022 Triumph Speed Twin

There’s nothing as thrilling as a wild, scenic excursion to get rid of the dust that has settled in spring, and for the final day of this time with each other, the weather gods provided dry roads and slightly milder conditions.

As I rode with a buddy riding the Africa Twin, I pushed the Triumph through the sweeping curves and straights that were wide and enjoyed its comfy riding position and strong motor. The supple suspension was more comfortable than the R nineT. Consequently, the Triumph was well-connected to the road.

The Pirelli Rosso Corsa 3-clad 17 inch seven-spoke cast-aluminum wheels were nimble on the frozen asphalt (especially when warmed up). Although it was not as lively and quick on its feet as the BMW front wheel, the front one was active in spotting bends that allowed the bike to move smoothly through.

It was important to keep in mind that the foot pegs sweep down low and that feet will be tracing the asphalt if not taken off the road and swept away.

The 41mm cartridges were more tolerant than the other brands also, and while they were able to handle intense riding, they weren’t quite rigid in the potholes that winter left behind.

In the midst of a hefty load of front brakes that are Brembo four-pot fixed calipers mounted on discs measuring 305mm – they sank slightly and made some strange clicking sounds or sensations in a few instances but didn’t bottom out.

In other words, they provide stopping power that is comparable to 2022 Triumph Speed Twin more sporty roadster, and the rear shocks provide an adjustable preload and comfortable ride. Like most modern bikes, ABS was present everywhere and, at times, a little intrusive. However, the traction control that can be switched off was a pleasant surprise.

The powerful heart that is the Speed Twin is what makes the device. It was developed from the Thruxton, and it is now equipped with the low-inertia crank and the high compression heads. It offers performance across the rev range and plenty of torque.

Contrary to the Street Twin, the Speed seems to have many more things to offer and more than a speed-limit adherent could ever need surely. It’s comfortable within the range of revs, with plenty of torque available with a smooth 70mph speed in sixth gear, at 4000rpm and 40mph in fourth gear with 3000rpm – both significantly higher than the redline of 7/8000rpm.

The Road, Sport, or Rain ride modes provide distinct characters and various assistance. While Sport was my favorite, the throttle could feel slightly snatchy during times.

The torque-assist clutch that made to be a gorgeous lightweight lever. While the gearbox had six speeds, it was well-ratioed and smooth. There was a long enough gap between the first and second gears to mean that I frequently fell neutral.

How Comfort Is 2022 Triumph Speed Twin

How Comfort is 2022 Triumph Speed Twin

When the 2022 Triumph Speed Twin arrived immediately after an experience on BMW’s R NineT, I was eager to run it through its tests. After stepping on board it, I immediately noticed that it was less imposing and threatening than the German counterpart – with the seat and pegs make for an upright riding position.

It indeed shares a lot with 2022 Triumph Speed Twin racing Thruxton and the frame, but it manages to give a much more relaxing ride thanks to a revised geometry. The triangle was big, and the bench seat was comfortable. Even during longer rides, I was not stretching my legs and suffering from the painfully numb bum.

It wasn’t difficult to move around with an 807mm seat height and a dry weight of 196kg (notably 10% lighter than Thruxton).

Similar to my R nineT, the lack of fairing meant my chest was susceptible to being buffeted at higher speeds; the only sound of the wind was that of my helmet, creating a cold, however, a relatively peaceful ride.

Technology and Features of 2022 Triumph Speed Twin

In general, you shouldn’t blame an old classic for slipping in terms of technology. They don’t pretend to be cutting-edge organizations. But 2022 Triumph Speed Twin has hit the perfect balance of style and functionality on Speed Twin. It’s an ideal blend of style and substance.

With an array of subtle technology, Speed Twin includes a USB charging port and LED lighting with the DRL headlight and two clocks right on the top. It’s got everything you need to fulfill the daily tasks of a classic modern.

One minor flaw was the awkward fuel cap that was two parts that demanded first the cap to be unscrewed and removed, and then the flap was unlocked and lifted. It’s indeed an elegant design feature. However, it quickly feels unappealing each time you stop for fuel.

Verdict of 2022 Triumph Speed Twin

If you’re in search of an elegant, comfortable, and modern classic. You can’t get it wrong when you choose this Speed Twin. It blends the best features of 2022 Triumph Speed Twin and the classic Bonneville’s to create the ideal compromise and a more comfortable machine for everyday use.

 The lack of wind shielding is not a surprise. However, it also boasts an impressive standard feature set and an elegant design. Its price starts at PS10,700. It is definitely worth the extra PS2,500 on top of the Street Twin and offers an alternative to BMW’s R ninety for PS11,395 Pure.

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